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Free Erotica- 5/24

Calling all adults….

5/24 Sub and Switch, a short erotic story written under my other pen name, Kendra Glenn, goes free for the day!

One reviewer says, “This is not a novel – just a couple of fun scenes, perfect for getting your motor running, so to speak. It is a short about a couple going through a common issue. They are in love but bored. It is easier for Lena to rub one out rather than have a real sex life with her husband. When her husband finds what her erotica of choice is, she thinks her marriage may be over. To her surprise, he is game. Together they explore her secret desire to be dominated. And what an EXCELLENT name for a dom – Neil! As in kneel before me.”

Another reviewer writes, “Sub and Switch is one seriously steamy story. If you’d like to take a peak into one couple’s experiment with kinky sex play, this is your answer. Kendra Glenn does a wonderful job describing their fun. In fact, you just might feel like you played along too!”

Lena Caruso is bored with married life. The dominant one in the bedroom, she longs for her husband to take control just once. She starts wandering the webpages, reading about men who like to dominate and fantasizing that her husband was one of them.

Neil Caruso loves giving up control to his wife, but he’ll do anything to get her interest back. When he snoops through her laptop and finds her reading material, he decides to take matters into his own hands.

Sound interesting? Download your copy tomorrow, 5/24, and leave a review when complete if you like!


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Calling All Authors and Bloggers

I’ve been giving blogging some serious thought here lately, and I’m very curious about guest blogging and how this process works.

Have any of you ever been a guest, or sponsored one on your blog?

Is there anyone who would be interested in being a guest here on my blog? I’d love to branch out and bring some positive exposure to other authors in particular.

What are you, as readers, interested in seeing more of? I’m very new to blogging and I definitely want to make this blog what you all are interested in.

Feel free to reply here, or email me directly. You can reach me at:

You can also find me on Facebook:

Have a wonderful day, and I hope to hear from some of you!

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Free Short Story, 5/22

My short horror story, Table of Blood, goes free tomorrow, 5/22, for the first time! Download your copy, and love it or hate it, leave a review when you finish!

She didn’t remember when it started, but as far back as Tamara Morris could remember, her mother and grandmother went antique shopping every Saturday morning. She had even enjoyed going with them as a child. There were wonders to be found around each corner, whether it was an antique dress dummy or wall to wall bookshelves. Her love soured on a bright, sunny Saturday when she was only four. That was the day they had found the table.

And so it begins for Tamara when her grandmother brings home a coffee table from the antique store. Her grandmother lovingly cares for the table but it isn’t what it seems. And if Tamara isn’t careful the table will love her… to death.

Check out Table of Blood for yourself, and enjoy!


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Free Short Story- 5/21

Hello, everyone! Just a quick blog to let you know that Heaven Can Be Hell, my short paranormal romance, is free today, 5/21. What if you had two great loves in your life? What happens when you die?: Who waits for you in Heaven?

Elsa Morgan had a life most people would envy. She had two great loves in her life, had two beautiful children, and she died peacefully in her sleep at the age of 58. She was thankful for her life and the blessings bestowed upon her…

Until she arrived in Heaven, finding both her loves waiting none too patiently for her, and both men eager to renew their lives together. No, physical pain doesn’t exist in Heaven, but Elsa’s heart can still break. Who will she choose, husband number one, or husband number two?

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Current Events As Written From My Hamster Wheel

I often joke that I truly lack a brain. Instead of a brain there’s a hamster that lives on No Doz and energy drinks who does the writing for me. Oh, sure, my fingers type the letters, form the words, tell the story, but I’m the ghost writer for the hamster. Sounds crazy, maybe, but not if you could see inside my brain.

So currently the hamster is writing the third book of the Just One Bite series, titled Taste of Grief. A new character steps onto the scene. Meet Adrian, the cheerful lech. He’s a Wiccan, meaning he practices witchcraft. I think you’ll love him. I sure do!

The hamster also is working on another erotic story to be published under the name Kendra Glenn. There are 4 or 5 more erotic stories spinning in the hamster wheel so who knows what’ll pop out!

If there’s anything I can promise you, it’s this: The ride will be crazy, but it will never be dull. Wild, crazy, full of random words, some erotica, some new characters, and plenty of No Doz!

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Bonfire: Free Today!

Hello all! A friendly reminder that Bonfire, my erotic short story written under my pen name, Kendra Glenn, is free today. If you enjoy erotica, I recommend a download!

Imagine two couples, friends for years. Imagine a backyard bonfire with drinking and laughter. Imagine things heating up between on of the couples, and the other couple becoming interested as well. Now imagine what happens next… That’s Bonfire.

Below are the links for the US version as well as the UK Amazon link. Have a wonderful day, and tell your friends as well.

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Heads Up, Adults! Free Erotica Tomorrow- 5/15

For the first time, my erotic short story goes free tomorrow, 5/15.What happens if two couples are great friends and plan a bonfire to hang out together? What happens when the alcohol flows and inhibitions are shed along with the clothing? What will two couples do with nothing but a bonfire and moonlight to see where things will go?

Check out Bonfire tomorrow- and hey, if you miss the one day promotion, well, I’ll be doing it again next month I’m sure. And if you just can’t wait? It’s only $0.99! Tell your friends….


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