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It’s Back!!!!! Survival Instinct, Now on Amazon!

For those who’ve been wondering where it’s gone, Survival Instinct is back on Amazon. New edits, new cover, same great story! So if you missed it the first time, or you loved Survival Paranoia but didn’t know about this one, now’s the perfect time to grab your copy, and tell a friend who loves a good zombie tale! 



Nadine Chesterfield was a forensic technician when the first body sat up in the middle of an autopsy, changing the world as she knew it. She was engaged and pregnant, and her life was all she’d wished it would be. 

All that changed in the blink of an eye. The government was testing a new vaccine- a cure for the common cold- but it had deadly consequences. 

Now Nadine is on the run, not just from the creatures that were once human but from the military who want to stop her before she can tell the truth. She’ll meet other survivors along the way and learn that instinct is the only thing that can truly keep her alive.



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Bonfire Is Here!

For those who enjoy steamy stories for couples (or even for individuals!) Bonfire is available now on Amazon. As with most of the erotic stories I’ll be publishing, this is only 99 cents! 



Lara is reluctant to attend a birthday party, but at Nick’s urging, she goes along. Hours later, the liquor has flowed and the mood changes. A birthday party, alcohol, two couples, and endless possibilities for a night to remember… 


A short but steamy tale of two couples, friendship, and some very sexy times around a backyard bonfire. This smoking hot tale is one not to be missed, so snatch up your copy today!

US link: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00KUY24HS/ref=cm_sw_r_fa_dp_A8rLtb0GH32KJ

UK link: http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00KUY24HS/ref=cm_sw_r_fa_dp_A8rLtb0GH32KJ

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Date Night is Here!

I’m a huge fan of erotica, and read quite a bit of it. My one dislike? Erotica with cheating spouses! All erotic stories I write are written about things I enjoy reading. That means erotica for couples. I love stories about couples, or even better, writing stories couples might enjoy together. 

With that being said, you’ll be seeing a lot of erotica from me for the next little bit. All Kendra Glenn erotic short stories will be re-released as Kay Glass erotic shorts! Almost all are 99 cents, and perfect for a quick read. And let’s face it- if you’re reading them as a couple, quick is what you want! 😉 This of course means 18 and older, please! 



Denise Lambert’s life changed a year ago when she found out she would never bear children. Driven to the brink by depression, she goes bar hopping each Friday to sate her needs before returning home to what had become an empty marriage. 

But things aren’t always what they seem, and this story takes a sexy twist that will leave you smiling… and yearning…



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Survival Paranoia is Available Now!

You’ve waited so patiently for the second installment of the Survival series, and I greatly appreciate it! But the wait is over. Survival Paranoia is now live on Amazon! 






No one believed 17-year-old Lorna Stanton when she warned them the zombie apocalypse would come. Zombies weren’t real, they told her, and they locked her away. But now she’s right, and they’re gone. It’s a fight for survival, and Lorna and her boyfriend, Jeff, have been training for this for years. 

The world as she knew it is a thing of the past, but Lorna’s prepared. Now all she’s learned, all she taught herself, is put to the test. In a bid for survival, it’s not only the undead who are a danger… and trusting the wrong person could be the last choice she’ll ever make.


Grab your copy today, and share for your zombie-loving friends as well! 




And check out my other available books on Amazon!



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Amazon: What You Can Do

I’ve seen the petitions flying around Facebook these days about changing Amazon’s policies on book returns. A lot of authors, disappointed with returns, want the return window changed from 7 days to a mere 24-hours. That is something I disagree with, as both an author and a reader. But that’s not the point of this blog post, and frankly, I couldn’t say it better than Lisa McCourt Hollar does here: http://www.lisamccourthollar.com/2014/03/e-book-returns-my-thoughts.html

The point of this blog post is simply to make some suggestions that will benefit readers and authors alike. 

Kindle lending library: Many authors, myself include, allow lending for their books. After all, when I read a good paperback or hardback, I usually lend it to someone I know will enjoy it. I treat my Kindle books the same way. I know not everyone can afford to shell out their money, especially if they’re not sure how they’ll like a certain author. There are even groups you can join for lending. This cuts down treating the Amazon website like a library- buying a book, reading it, and returning it so the buyer isn’t out any money. One huge way to support your favorite authors? Don’t do that! Returns may save you money, but they do hurt your favorite authors. 

Read the information available to you: This can be broken down into several categories… 

1- Reviews: Read the reviews, particularly the long ones. Those reviews generally highlight the reasons the reader liked or disliked what they read. Maybe the book was compelling, but maybe the characters were flat, emotionless. Maybe the book was well-written, but lacked good editing. Know before you buy! 

2- Description: It sounds silly, sure, but there are many people who don’t even bother. If they see a good sale and the cover catches their eye, they’ll download the book… and many return because the book wasn’t what they wanted. Read the description to make sure the product is what you’re seeking! 

3- A lot of books offer the “Look Inside” option. That’s key for me when I download a book. I like to read the free preview so I know if the writing style and story appeal to me. Very seldom do I return a book now. Most of the ones I download but return are ones with little to no reviews and no “Look Inside” option, so I’m downloading ‘blind’ so to speak. 

Write good reviews: Love a book? Hate it? Write the review so future downloaders know what they’re getting into. Amazon will allow you to review with a minimum of 20 words, but that’s not particularly helpful. What information would YOU have wanted to know before downloading? Was the book good? Does it have a lot of typos and wrong word usage? If that’s information that would have been important to you, include it in your review! You’re helping people choosing what book to spend their money on, and you’re helping the author, too. We do pay attention to suggestions, and those reviews tell us what to fix, what books you want more of, whether to continue a series or not… We listen! 

There are so many things you can do to avoid downloading a book you won’t like, and prevent someone else from doing the same. An honest return is acceptable, but Amazon isn’t your public library. I don’t want to see the policy changed, but a lot of authors feel differently. More careful research from a potential buyer can stop the return issues in a way a policy change won’t. Just a little food for thought… 

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Taste of Grief is FREE 6/24-6/26!

If you picked up Just One Bite: Part One when it was FREE, boy do I have a gift for you! The third installment of the series is FREE 6/24-6/26 on Amazon! 




Diandra and Lizbeth are back, and this time things are very different. Cocaine overdose victims are turning up in Bethany Beach and Lizbeth and Alexar are busy trying to clean it up. But when a surprising twist turns the case upside down, Lizbeth may have to compromise all she holds dear to make things right. 

District Attorney Giles Carson has plans for Lizbeth, as well. He’s not done with her, and he’s not forgiven her for ruining his clandestine efforts. Now a death threat hangs over her head and Diandra won’t just stand aside and let someone come between her and the woman she loves. 

The more things change, the more they stay the same- until they change again with just another bite.



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Just One Bite: Part One is FREE!!!

Times needed to change, desperately! I’ve recently started working outside the home again part-time, and it’s cut my writing time down. Sales dropped, everything changed, and it was practically an overnight thing. So I decided to make some changes- I pulled all of the Just One Bite series back to Amazon, and I’m running free days! 

I decided to kick off with a bang, and put Just One Bite: Part One free first. This book contains the first two novellas in the Just One Bite series- Love Bite and Bitten By Regret. This set sells for $3.99 and it’s FREE until June 13th. Two books for free for three days! Download your copy, and don’t forget to share the links so your friends can download as well! 





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Book Review: Text Message, by William Malmborg

Seldom have I downloaded a Kindle book that has wowed me, but this one did! It kept me up, kept me thinking, wondering what would happen next, wondering how I’d fare in a similar situation, and how far one will go for love. Today I’m reviewing:

Text Message, By William Malmborg



Description on Goodreads: Mr. Campbell enjoys working at the Park Place Mall. In fact, he likes the mall so much that sometimes he stays there overnight just so he can wander the open hallways and browse through the stores all by himself. The only thing more enjoyable than being within the mall alone is having a female companion there with him, one clothed in a sexy undergarment from the risky lingerie store who must flee his predatory desires. Of course getting a girl to go along with such a fun game isn’t easy. Thankfully he knows a way around this. It seems women become incredibly compliant when the flesh of a love one is threatened, especially when evidence of that threat is sent to them from the loved one’s own phone.

Description on Amazon: Mallory thought it would be a quick trip to the mall, one where she could get a last minute Christmas gift. Little did she know a momentary slip in judgment would result in her sister’s abduction. Unable to call the police for fear her sister will be killed, Mallory has no choice but to play the awful game the sadistic kidnapper has designed for her.  Will she survive?


I love horror stories. I enjoy reading them, but a lot of times I’ll download them and be horribly disappointed. This was not the case with this story. Text Message held me in its clutches until I finished it, and I was dying to get to the end, but disappointed when it was over because I wanted more. More from this story, more from this author. So I’ll definitely be downloading more from Mr. Malmborg in the future.

Shopping malls are bright, cheerful places, especially at Christmastime. But what about when the lights go out? Better still, what about when a serial killer tortures and taunts you in a shopping mall filled with bustling people finishing their shopping, and all you can do is play his game, or risk the death of a loved one? Well, you play along, until you decide to stand your ground.

I loved that Mallory and Jenna weren’t weak, useless female characters. They were strong, stubborn young girls with a will to live. Dan, the war hero, trying so hard to help… It was so wonderfully written that I’ll be talking about it for days to come with my friends and family. I highly recommend this story to anyone who enjoys a good edge-of-your-seat torture tale with an ending you won’t see coming. 5 stars!

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Book Review: Dying to Forget (The Station) by Trish Marie Dawson

Dying To Forget (The Station) by Trish Marie Dawson

Amazon link:  http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B008S2RKAU/ref=cm_cr_rev_prod_title

Synopsis: Piper Willow dies the summer after her high school graduation but she doesn’t make it to Heaven or Hell…instead she finds herself in a spiritual terminal called the Station. She’s given only two choices: Return to Earth as the subconscious for a person in need of some outside assistance, or move on and spend an eternity lost in her own sorrow and pain. 

Does Piper have what it takes to save a life – to be the nagging voice inside someone else’s head – or will she fail and end up lost and tormented in limbo…forever?

“Excuse me, Niles…I mean, Mr. Abbott. But, where are we?”
“I’ll explain everything to you dear, just as soon as we reach the Station.”
“What station? We aren’t in the hospital? Where’s my Dad?”
“No Piper, this isn’t the hospital, and your father is at home…he’s fine. Please, follow me.”
He turns away and continues on through the light. I hang my head, staring at my bare feet as we walk. Even though my cuts are gone, I keep rubbing my arm. It’s soothing. I almost bump into Niles when he stops abruptly.
“We’re here,” he says softly.



I knew this book was going to be a tearjerker when I wasn’t even a quarter of the way through it and I was crying for the character… 

Piper had it all pretty good, until the party. But even after her life turned upside down, she still had Bree… until even that comfort is gone. 

Now she’s alone and scared and emotionally devastated- and then she wakes up in The Station. Now she’s got a choice- an eternity in a Hell of her own making, or being the conscience of someone like her- someone who hurts as she once hurt, someone who feels like suicide is the answer. Does she have what it takes to work in The Station? Can she prevent others from taking the path she herself took? 

I appreciated that the author took the time to not only included her personal opinions on the subject of suicide, but information on where to turn for those who are feeling helpless and hopeless. Very well done. 

My heart broke for the characters= I was thoroughly sucked into the story, and the ending was such a shock that I really must have the second in the series. Highly recommended download- 5 stars!


About the Author: Trish was born and mostly raised in San Diego, California where she lives now with her family and pets. She’s been writing short stories and poetry since high school after an obsession with Stephen King’s ‘The Stand’. After over fifteen years of crazy dreams and an overactive imagination, Trish began her first book ‘I Hope You Find Me’ in December of 2011. When Trish isn’t writing, she’s homeschooling her amazing daughter and mildly autistic son, reading whatever she can get her hands on, or enjoying the Southern California sun. As a strict Vegetarian, Trish holds a special place in her heart for animal rights and dashes into the backyard weekly to rescue lizards and mice from her mini-lab/cocker spaniel mixed dog, Zoey…who is always getting into some sort of trouble.


Where to find her!

On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WriterTrishMarieDawson

On Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Trish-Marie-Dawson/e/B008CQGASU/ref=ntt_athr_dp_pel_pop_1

WordPress: http://writertrishmdawson.wordpress.com/ 

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Also- Hot Off The Laptop!

Even death doesn’t stop love….

I recently published the short story, heaven Can Be Hell. It’s also $0.99 for Kindle readers, and is also available for download from Smashwords.

Elsa Morgan had a life most people would envy. She had two great loves in her life, had two beautiful children, and she died peacefully in her sleep at the age of 58. She was thankful for her life and the blessings bestowed upon her…

Until she arrived in Heaven, finding both her loves waiting none too patiently for her, and both men eager to renew their lives together. No, physical pain doesn’t exist in Heaven, but Elsa’s heart can still break. Who will she choose, husband number one, or husband number two?




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