Free Short Story, 5/22

My short horror story, Table of Blood, goes free tomorrow, 5/22, for the first time! Download your copy, and love it or hate it, leave a review when you finish!

She didn’t remember when it started, but as far back as Tamara Morris could remember, her mother and grandmother went antique shopping every Saturday morning. She had even enjoyed going with them as a child. There were wonders to be found around each corner, whether it was an antique dress dummy or wall to wall bookshelves. Her love soured on a bright, sunny Saturday when she was only four. That was the day they had found the table.

And so it begins for Tamara when her grandmother brings home a coffee table from the antique store. Her grandmother lovingly cares for the table but it isn’t what it seems. And if Tamara isn’t careful the table will love her… to death.

Check out Table of Blood for yourself, and enjoy!


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