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Cats and Superstition



Look at these adorable babies. So cute, right? Well, for those who like cats, at least! But even if you don’t, look at those eyes. So sweet, full of trust and love.

I’m an animal lover, of all sorts, but cats are my favorites. Lately I’ve come across many comments from people about how you can’t trust a black cat. Go to, or any other classified. See how many black cats are in need of homes. Black cats are the hardest cat to find homes for.




Superstition reigns supreme, and people are, to this day, afraid that black cats are bad luck. And who wants to take in bad luck? Who wants bad luck to have permanent residence in their homes? Well, no one, of course!

It’s a cat! Not bad luck, not something to cower in fear of. I have never crossed myself because one crossed my path. Hell, there are always cats in my home- many of them, and I fall over them constantly, no matter what color! So what’s to fear?



And yet thousands do. Yesterday I ran errands. I live in a small community just off a main road. On the ten-minute drive I passed 3 dead kittens, and my heart broke. Three dead kittens, maybe four weeks old, and all of them were black.

My heart breaks for these animals. They need homes as much as any other cat. Instead of a lifetime of love, warm beds, and full bellies, these animals were killed and left on the side of the road. Why? Because they’re bad luck.


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I don’t understand the cruelty of people. I never have, and never will. But I urge you, the next time you look to take in a furbaby of your own, adopt a black cat. You may just be saving a life! Check your local SPCA, check an online classified site, check your local paper. Because while you may have your heart set on a tabby or a calico, someone may be planning to kill a black cat out of superstition. Save a life- adopt!


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