BOOK REVIEW:The Complete Judas Chronicles: Books One Through Seven by Aiden James

I recently had the pleasure to read the Judas Chronicles, all seven books, from beginning to end, and I was eager to share my review with you!


Description: “Out-freaking-standing-excellent!” ~ Detra Fitch of Huntress Reviews

***All SEVEN bestselling novels detailing the immortal Judas Iscariot’s perilous adventures as William Barrow, in search of the blood coins paid to him long ago for betraying Jesus Christ.

This collection contains the following supernatural thrillers:

1) Immortal Plague
2) Immortal Reign
3) Immortal Destiny
4) Immortal Dragon
5) Immortal Tyranny
6) Immortal Pyramid
7) Immortal Victory

Acclaim for the novels of Aiden James:

“The intense writing style of Aiden James kept my eyes glued to the story and the pages seemed to fly by at warp speed. …Twists, turns, and surprises pop up at random times to keep the reader off balance. It all blends together to create one of the best stories I have read all year.”
–Detra Fitch, Huntress Reviews for “The Devil’s Paradise”

“Aiden James has written a deeply psychological, gripping tale that keeps the readers hooked from page one.”
–Bookfinds review for “The Forgotten Eden”

“Aiden James writing style flows very easily and I found that “Cades Cove” snowballed into a very gripping tale. Clearly the strengths in the piece were as the spirit’s interaction became prevalent with the family… The Indian lore and ceremonies and the flashbacks to Allie Mae’s (earthly) demise were very powerful. I think those aspects separated the work from what we’ve seen before in horror and ghost tales.”
–Evelyn Klebert, author of “A Ghost of a Chance” and “Dragonflies”

“Aiden James has a keen eye for detail and an uncanny knack for scaring the hell out of me. We are watching a master at work. “The Raven Mocker” is a nearly perfect thriller. Ghost stories don’t get any better than this.”
–J.R. Rain, Bestselling author of the “Vampire for Hire” series

“As with the previous titles I have read by this author, I found the author’s writing style to be silky smooth and the main plot line to be extremely creative. The fertile imagination of Aiden James definitely knows what today’s readers want to see in their stories.”
–Detra Fitch, Huntress Reviews for “The Vampires’ Last Lover”

Review: I have previously read several of the Judas Chronicles, but somewhere along the way I lost track. When I saw this offer, I couldn’t pass it up, and I immediately began reading. Starting over from the beginning was like reconnecting with old friends, and learning more about their lives while I wasn’t around.

Judas Iscariot- one of the most hated figures in history. In this series, we see Judas struggling for redemption, working to reclaim all 30 of the silver shekels he was paid for betraying Jesus Christ. What happens when Judas starts his path towards redemption, hoping for forgiveness? Why, you fall in love with him as a character, of course.

In this incarnation he is merely William Barrow, a man with a wife dying slowly in a nursing home and and aging son who works as a college professor. He’s already recovered more than 2/3 of his blood coins, and with Alistair, his son, at his side, he steadily works to retrieve the others.

Add Roderick Cooley, a Druid immortal with pale skin and kaleidoscope eyes, Amy Golden Eagle, and a host of other characters you’ll be drawn to learn more, and sad to finish the series. Crossing paths with other names from the history books such as Ghengis Khan, Dracul (aka Vlad the Impaler), and Jack the Ripper, you’ll find it hard to set the book down.

High action, high speed, and with a massive ability to tug on your heart strings, you won’t regret anything about reading this series- except for finishing it.

Where to Buy: 

Amazon US

Amazon UK

Amazon CA

About the Author: Aiden James is the bestselling author of Cades Cove, The Judas Chronicles, and the Nick Caine Adventures (with J.R. Rain). Aiden resides in Tennessee with his wife, Fiona, and their two sons, Christopher and Tyler.

**Aiden and Fiona are the authors of the brand new dystopian thriller, “TOXICITY”–available now for Kindle and in paperback.

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