Free Erotica- 5/24

Calling all adults….

5/24 Sub and Switch, a short erotic story written under my other pen name, Kendra Glenn, goes free for the day!

One reviewer says, “This is not a novel – just a couple of fun scenes, perfect for getting your motor running, so to speak. It is a short about a couple going through a common issue. They are in love but bored. It is easier for Lena to rub one out rather than have a real sex life with her husband. When her husband finds what her erotica of choice is, she thinks her marriage may be over. To her surprise, he is game. Together they explore her secret desire to be dominated. And what an EXCELLENT name for a dom – Neil! As in kneel before me.”

Another reviewer writes, “Sub and Switch is one seriously steamy story. If you’d like to take a peak into one couple’s experiment with kinky sex play, this is your answer. Kendra Glenn does a wonderful job describing their fun. In fact, you just might feel like you played along too!”

Lena Caruso is bored with married life. The dominant one in the bedroom, she longs for her husband to take control just once. She starts wandering the webpages, reading about men who like to dominate and fantasizing that her husband was one of them.

Neil Caruso loves giving up control to his wife, but he’ll do anything to get her interest back. When he snoops through her laptop and finds her reading material, he decides to take matters into his own hands.

Sound interesting? Download your copy tomorrow, 5/24, and leave a review when complete if you like!


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