Current Events As Written From My Hamster Wheel

I often joke that I truly lack a brain. Instead of a brain there’s a hamster that lives on No Doz and energy drinks who does the writing for me. Oh, sure, my fingers type the letters, form the words, tell the story, but I’m the ghost writer for the hamster. Sounds crazy, maybe, but not if you could see inside my brain.

So currently the hamster is writing the third book of the Just One Bite series, titled Taste of Grief. A new character steps onto the scene. Meet Adrian, the cheerful lech. He’s a Wiccan, meaning he practices witchcraft. I think you’ll love him. I sure do!

The hamster also is working on another erotic story to be published under the name Kendra Glenn. There are 4 or 5 more erotic stories spinning in the hamster wheel so who knows what’ll pop out!

If there’s anything I can promise you, it’s this: The ride will be crazy, but it will never be dull. Wild, crazy, full of random words, some erotica, some new characters, and plenty of No Doz!


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