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Feeding the Amazon Addiction

Hi, my name is Kay, and I’m an Amazon one-click addict. And I’m glad to know I’m not alone! If you’re reading this blog post, chances are you are, too. Now, there’s tons of free books available daily, and I couldn’t even begin to list them all. I have a Kindle that’s full to bursting, and I have the Kindle app installed on my phone, tablet, and laptop. Needless to say, reading is a beloved hobby of mine. 

But books aren’t my only passion. I enjoy online shopping. There’s lots of things cheaper online, as I’m sure many of you know. And with my health, I don’t particularly care to be outside my home if I can avoid it, especially as shopping can be draining. (For more on my health, check out a previous blog post:  https://kayglassauthor.wordpress.com/2012/12/13/a-peek-into-pain) Amazon gets costly, however, and I’m always seeking better ways to spend my money… or even better, earn gift cards! So here are some tips I’ve accumulated on earning Amazon gift cards! 

1- MyPoints: One of my favorite websites, MyPoints is a way to earn points by shopping, reading emails, and taking the occasional survey. I have the MyPoints toolbar installed, so if I go to a website to make a purchase and they are a MyPoints site, a reminder pops up so I never miss an opportunity to earn points. Some of their sites include Walmart, Avon, and Julep, but there are hundreds. Want to sign up? https://www.facebook.com/authorkayglass/posts/539519256168171?stream_ref=10

2- mPoints: Same idea as MyPoints, but mPoints are mobile apps. Again, these are apps I use on my cell phone as well as my tablet. There are a bunch of mPoints apps being added all the time. The quickest way to find them? Go to your store for app downloads and type mPoints into the search bar. Some of my favorites are Nexercise (a motion-tracking app that helps with fitness), Office Zombie, MovieFone, Scramble With Friends, and the Weather Channel app. There are many others available, and there should be something that meets your needs. You can earn up to 1000 points a day, which is easy if you have enough apps that you play when the mood strikes. 25,000 points earns a $10 Amazon gift card! 

3- Crowdtap: Crowdtap is a website where you answer survey questions to be entered in sweepstakes to win gift cards. Last month I won $15 in Amazon gift cards, the month before I won $5 for Amazon, $10 for Walmart, and $10 for Sephora, and the month before that? $30 in Amazon gift cards. Just answer a few questions here and there when you find the time, and voila! It’s that easy! If you’ve won anything that month, they’ll send you an email on the 3rd of 4th of the following month. Win for April? Get your gift cards before May 5th. See? Easy! And even better? Sometimes they do sample and share, so you’ll get free products, too! http://www.crowdtap.com 

4- This one is rather unrelated, but it’s a way to earn MyPoints, which again can be redeemed for gift cards. BzzAgent is a site where you answer survey questions and they match you with companies. Those companies will send you free merchandise in exchange for an honest review. Some recent companies I’ve been matched with? Dr. Scholl’s insoles, Quaker Oats Warm & Crunchy Granola, and Starbucks Coffee. To sign up, just go to http://www.bzzagent.com 


I hope these sites help you as much as they helped me! And if you have any suggestions or any comments, please feel free to leave them on this post! 


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Amazon: What You Can Do

I’ve seen the petitions flying around Facebook these days about changing Amazon’s policies on book returns. A lot of authors, disappointed with returns, want the return window changed from 7 days to a mere 24-hours. That is something I disagree with, as both an author and a reader. But that’s not the point of this blog post, and frankly, I couldn’t say it better than Lisa McCourt Hollar does here: http://www.lisamccourthollar.com/2014/03/e-book-returns-my-thoughts.html

The point of this blog post is simply to make some suggestions that will benefit readers and authors alike. 

Kindle lending library: Many authors, myself include, allow lending for their books. After all, when I read a good paperback or hardback, I usually lend it to someone I know will enjoy it. I treat my Kindle books the same way. I know not everyone can afford to shell out their money, especially if they’re not sure how they’ll like a certain author. There are even groups you can join for lending. This cuts down treating the Amazon website like a library- buying a book, reading it, and returning it so the buyer isn’t out any money. One huge way to support your favorite authors? Don’t do that! Returns may save you money, but they do hurt your favorite authors. 

Read the information available to you: This can be broken down into several categories… 

1- Reviews: Read the reviews, particularly the long ones. Those reviews generally highlight the reasons the reader liked or disliked what they read. Maybe the book was compelling, but maybe the characters were flat, emotionless. Maybe the book was well-written, but lacked good editing. Know before you buy! 

2- Description: It sounds silly, sure, but there are many people who don’t even bother. If they see a good sale and the cover catches their eye, they’ll download the book… and many return because the book wasn’t what they wanted. Read the description to make sure the product is what you’re seeking! 

3- A lot of books offer the “Look Inside” option. That’s key for me when I download a book. I like to read the free preview so I know if the writing style and story appeal to me. Very seldom do I return a book now. Most of the ones I download but return are ones with little to no reviews and no “Look Inside” option, so I’m downloading ‘blind’ so to speak. 

Write good reviews: Love a book? Hate it? Write the review so future downloaders know what they’re getting into. Amazon will allow you to review with a minimum of 20 words, but that’s not particularly helpful. What information would YOU have wanted to know before downloading? Was the book good? Does it have a lot of typos and wrong word usage? If that’s information that would have been important to you, include it in your review! You’re helping people choosing what book to spend their money on, and you’re helping the author, too. We do pay attention to suggestions, and those reviews tell us what to fix, what books you want more of, whether to continue a series or not… We listen! 

There are so many things you can do to avoid downloading a book you won’t like, and prevent someone else from doing the same. An honest return is acceptable, but Amazon isn’t your public library. I don’t want to see the policy changed, but a lot of authors feel differently. More careful research from a potential buyer can stop the return issues in a way a policy change won’t. Just a little food for thought… 

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Reviews of Some Wonderful Reads!

I’ve finally had a chance to catch up on my reading, and I thought I’d share some reviews with you: 18 Things by Jamie Ayres, Legasea by Krystalyn Drown, and Oz Reimagined: New Tales From the Emerald City and Beyond, edited by John Joseph Adams and Douglas Cohen. These reviews can also be found on Amazon and Goodreads. 


18 Things, by Jamie Ayres


Olga Gay Worontzoff had a crush we can all relate to. The boy next door (maybe not literally, but figuratively), the best friend, the one who you truly believe doesn’t know you exist as anything other than a friend. And is there anything worse than being placed in the “friend box?” Yes- as we learn, it’s never getting to tell your friend that you’re in love with them. It’s the death of your best friend, the person you love, and in a very real way, the death of your future- or at least the future you think you’ll have. When she takes too many painkillers to ease the emotional pain, her therapist recommends she list 18 things to accomplish. And her life turns around.

Overall, I loved the characters, but your heart is drawn more to Tammy and Nate. Tammy, the high school stereotype who we find out has more to her than meets the eye. Nate, the bad boy, the runner up the rebound who is just so tempting… You find yourself rooting for him to win her heart even as you understand her holding on to a memory of what was and the promise of what could have been.

I found myself reading the last quarter of the book through teary eyes, and by the end I was actively sobbing. This book made me laugh, it made me think, and it made me cry bittersweet tears. I cannot wait for the next installment, 18 Truths. I’ll definitely be looking for more from this author- 5 stars!


Legasea by Krystalyn Drown


Aileen has spent her life by the sea. It calls to her- but she’s not allowed to answer. Forbidden to be near the water, on the water, in the water, Aileen has never even learned to swim, in spite of an accident that nearly drowned her as a child.

But that doesn’t stop the pull- that doesn’t stop the desire to answer the call of the sea- and Jamie, the interesting boy “next door” is another lure. Watching him from her window, she longs to venture out and learn more about him.

But there’s more to Jamie’s family than what meets the eye, and maybe, just maybe, there’s more to Aileen and her family as well. Because just when you think you understand everything, you realize you understood nothing.

This was a well-written book that had me wanting more. More of Aileen and her family, more of Jamie and his family, and just more from this author in general. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for future works from this author- she writes a fascinating tale that makes you truly care about the characters. 5 stars!


Oz Reimagined: New Tales From the Emerald City and Beyond


I received this book as a perk from Klout.com and finally had a change to finish all the stories. Many of them are 5* reads (One Flew Over The Rainbow, A Tornado of Dorothys, Off To See the Emperor, The Cobbler of Oz, A Meeting In Oz, and Dorothy Dreams) that make this book a wonderful addition to my book shelf. I will reread many of these stories again and again. Some of them I didn’t care for, or would only give 2* or 3* to, but overall, I really recommend this book to anyone who loves the land of Oz.

I’d never read any of the books before- the only Oz I was familiar with was the movie version. Reading this book got me curious enough to download The Complete Wizard of Oz Collection (With Active Table of Contents) and I’m thrilled to finally have a chance to learn more about the world this book introduced me to. So for anyone who has been to Oz, and fallen in love with its crazy cast of characters, this book makes a welcome addition to the collection of tales by L. Frank Baum.

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Book Reviews: 7/10- The Good, The Bad, and the Ehhh….

Save My Soul by K.S. Haigwood- 5 stars

Redemption is often hard to come by, and this story is no exception. The difference? Redemption has a time limit of one week. Kendra should be dead- in fact, she was. If she wants to survive the week with her soul intact, she must lead her savior back to God- and that’s no easy task. A tragedy caused him to turn his back on God when he was only thirteen, and not even for love does he want to embrace faith once more.

With a lovable cast of characters- like Rhyan, Kendra’s guardian angel, and Hercules, her guard dog- I was left wanting more. The twists and turns throughout the tale kept me riveted, the story was edited and formatted beautifully, and not once was I thrown out of the reading by something that didn’t make sense. I highly recommend this tale to anyone and everyone- 5 stars.

Amazon US: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B007LB76A8/ref=cm_cr_thx_view

Amazon UK: http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B007LB76A8/ref=cm_cr_thx_view

Reapers (The Druid Breeders Trilogy #1), by Marata Eros- 4 stars

This tale was well-written. There were a few editing errors, but in general the story flowed nicely with no major problems. I won’t say I loved it, but that’s a personal preference, not any mark against the writer. I have issues with rape scenes, and these were rather explicit, but if you read the disclaimers you know that going in.

I did enjoy the storyline- a woman with a unique, much-desired blood line is sought after by two opposing signs to become a breeder- whether she wants to or not. She was a strong character, very sure of her own mind, even while clouded by lust. It becomes a matter of choosing the lesser of two evils- except she doesn’t get a choice. It’s about survival, and adaptation, and living a life far beyond what she ever dreamed it would be.

If you can get past the rape and the rest, it’s a very good tale. If you cannot handle dark erotica, I don’t recommend picking this up, but if you can, go for it. It’s a worthy read.

Amazon US: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B005MGFJ4Y/ref=cm_cr_thx_view

Amazon UK: http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B005MGFJ4Y/ref=cm_cr_thx_view

The Witching Pen (The Witching Pen Novellas), by Dianna Hardy- 4 stars

Life is hard when you love someone but cannot act on it. Elena knows she can’t- she’s in love with her roommate, he’s in love with her, but they cannot be together. Years ago her mother told her she’d lose her powers to whatever man she gave herself to, and she’s determined not to- not because she wants her power to remain her own, but simply because to she’d hate to burden someone with them. She loves Karl too much for that, and struggles to keep him at bay.

The problem? Everything she’s ever been told was a lie, and sadly it leads to unexpected and potentially deadly consequences. Nearly every character in this series is lovable in their own way, and the ones that aren’t? Well, I found myself rooting for swift justice. Bittersweet, this story left me wanting more. Lucky for me, there’s more available!

Amazon US: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B005EZHVRQ/ref=cm_cr_thx_view

Amazon UK: http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B005EZHVRQ/ref=cm_cr_thx_view

His Gift, by Gillian Colbert- 5 stars

A short, powerful tale of love, trust, and dominance. On their one year anniversary, Owen, Maurina’s Master, plans a surprise she’ll never forget. He’s determined to fulfill every fantasy, both spoken and unspoken. A blindfold awaits her, and that’s merely the beginning. He takes her through her first threesome, determined she’ll experience everything she’s ever dreamed of.

Owen is the perfect Master. He seeks happiness and comfort for his submissive, and does so very well. A strong woman during the day, when it’s playtime she can drop the dominant personality and relax into someone else’s control. The underlying theme of this tale, when all is said and done, is not dominance and submission, it’s not sex or threesomes- it’s love. That’s what I took away from this tale, and I loved it. I’ll be looking for more from this author. 18+ please as this is an adult erotic story.

***SPECIAL NOTE*** This story is free at the time of this post.

Amazon US: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0054GYBWI/ref=cm_cr_thx_view

Amazon UK: http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B0054GYBWI/ref=cm_cr_thx_view

Cowboy Moon (Lupine Moon), by Cait Lavender- 5 stars

I enjoyed this tale of two cowboys meeting their mates. While the ending was abrupt, it’s called a cliffhanger- it’s to make you want to purchase the next in the series to learn more, and for me it succeeded. I want more. Hunter pretends to be a cowboy, but he’s more than that- he’s a werewolf. And at the bar one night he meets his match- literally. Tammie is his mate, and his best friend mates with her best friend. The danger? The vamps want her, too, and a turf war breaks out. I loved the twists of a cowboy wolf going up against vamps in a territory not his own, and I intend to read more from this author.

Amazon US: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B007AWTN4K/ref=cm_cr_thx_view

Amazon UK: http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B007AWTN4K/ref=cm_cr_thx_view

All of my reviews are available on Amazon US, Amazon UK, Goodreads, and here on my blog.


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Book Reviews- The Good, The Bad, and The Ehhhh….

Trying something a little different here. I do tons of read and reviews- I aim for 5 a week, depending on the length of what I’ve read- and I always post the reviews to Amazon and Goodreads. Since I have quite a few followers on here, and I assume many of you like to read, I thought I’d post reviews here as well.

Tapestry, by Solitaire Parke- 5 stars

I love poetry, but some of what you come across may be dry, boring, or just poorly written. Not so with Tapestry. The author’s heart poured out with the poetry, and I often found myself saying, “I’ll just read one more” and then continuing. I tried hard to choose a favorite poem to spotlight, but there were just too many that pulled at something inside me and I found myself savoring each word.

This author’s work has been likened to Edgar Allen Poe and William Shakespeare, and I can see why. Classics are read to this day for a reason, and I wouldn’t be surprised to someday see this book listed with the great minds of the past. This is destined to be a classic as well. I gave this 5 stars, and it earned every one of them.

Amazon US- http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B008DJB5L8/ref=cm_cr_thx_view

Amazon UK- http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B008DJB5L8/ref=cm_cr_thx_view


Hunter’s Blood (Hunter’s Blood series) by Rue Volley- 5 stars

This story was an interesting little tease. Sex, blood, violence, death- there was nothing this tale didn’t have. At times I found myself a bit confused as it jumped from present to past and back again, but a slower read-through made the tale more clear to me. The history between the two main characters amazed and amused me, and I definitely found myself looking for more. I will be reading further in this series to find out more about all the characters- how they came to be and why. The main theme? Innocence lost. That’s what this story screamed to me. Nicely done- 5 stars.

Amazon US- http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B008BP8YVS/ref=cm_cr_thx_view

Amazon UK- http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B008BP8YVS/ref=cm_cr_thx_view


Master Jax, by Bekkah Jordan- 3 stars

This author has a way with words, but I often find myself lost in the story line- and sadly, not in a good way. The budding relationship between Kelly and her dom, Jax, often left me pondering. The main theme to this one was punishment- Kelly leaves Jax’s bed without so much as a goodbye, and that’s a big no-no. She’s to receive ten smacks with the object of his choice for her faux pas. The dilemma? She’s just been offered a co-anchor job where she’ll be reporting the news in the nude, and is afraid to lose her chance at this job because of a reddened and welted rear end.

I like my erotica with a bit more realism, and this just left me reeling, dissatisfied. Sure, it was sexy, but just not to my taste. If you don’t mind a bit of fantasy with your eroticism, then check this out. If you like more realism, this may not quite be the tale for you.An erotic story- 18+ please.

Amazon US- http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0088PBDKK/ref=cm_cr_thx_view

Amazon UK- http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B0088PBDKK/ref=cm_cr_thx_view


The Unexpected Dom #1- Jennifer’s Revenge (BDSM Erotica) by Meghan Boehners- 4 stars

Jennifer’s husband, Declan, has been treating her poorly, and he’s about to pay for his mistakes. Somewhere on the ascending path of his personal star, he decided Jennifer wasn’t enough, and she’s tired of being treated shabbily. She decides she needs a makeover- not just her appearance, but her personality. She becomes the ultimate domme, submitting him to humiliation and unfulfilled lust. Little does she know at the time of her decision that that’s exactly what he’s been seeking. Tired of being in charge at work, he seeks someone else to take control during his off-hours. Since Jennifer hadn’t been meeting that need, he turned to someone else for it. Now he has a wife that gives him what he needs, and things stand a chance to improve, if only she can overcome the years of torment and self-doubt.

A well-done story, but I could do without the humiliation dialogue. That’s a personal preference- derogatory words during sex play don’t sit well with me, and kill my mood quickly. Other than that, I enjoyed what I read and look forward to more. This is an erotic story- 18+ please.

Amazon US- http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B008A3JUPU/ref=cm_cr_thx_view

Amazon UK- http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B008A3JUPU/ref=cm_cr_thx_view


Zombie Candy (Annie Ogden Mystery 2) by Frederick Lee Brooke- 4 stars

Candace’s husband, Larry, has been treating her poorly for some time now. He’s been hiding something from her, and she finally knows what it is- he’s been having an affair. She hires her friend, Annie, to track down more information, only to find out he’s been cheating on her for a lot longer than she knew. Like, years- since before they were married. Even as far back as when she fell in love in Italy while he was still a drunken frat boy.

So she plans revenge- for starters, she works to make herself gorgeous. She goes on a crash diet to remove as much excess weight as possible. Then she, with the help of Annie and Annie’s investigator teacher, starts planning little mishaps. When he goes to cheat on her with someone, it backfires- everything from an STD scare to losing his job! He develops an unlikely friend and ally in Roberta, a pre-surgery male who wants to be a woman.

Then comes the ultimate revenge- and that’s where the author really lost me. It was great- funny, well thought out, well developed, but totally and completely unbelievable. Overall, I loved the story, but it all got a bit out of hand.

Amazon US- http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00819Q254/ref=cm_cr_thx_view

Amazon UK- http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00819Q254/ref=cm_cr_thx_view


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Relaxation? Ha! NEVER!

It's true! It's finished!

Yes indeed, it’s done- wrapped, completed, and live on Amazon. I busted my tail and managed to complete this book in only 6 weeks or so. Yes, this is a very short time frame but I treat my writing like a full-time job and I put in my hours through the week. Between my efforts and those on the part of my wonderful editor, we managed to get Bitten By Regret edited, formatted and published in only 6 weeks!

***Available here: http://www.amazon.com/Bitten-Regret-Just-Bite-ebook/dp/B007TEXFYS/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1334234068&sr=8-1 ***

For those who pick up a copy, thank you very much. I truly hope the effort I put into it pleases you as much as it pleased me. I loved the way this one flowed from the beginning, and I’m excited to share it with you all. Upon completion, I’d greatly appreciate some feedback on it! I love reviews, and I love honesty.

I do have rules for how I personally write a review and I’d like to share them with you.

1- If I cannot finish the book I usually do not review it at all. Some of you may not know that too few reviews hurt just as much as nasty ones. My exception to that is poorly edited works: if there’s little or no punctuation, if there’s extra punctuation where it need not be, and the words are misspelled and just wrong, I will leave a gently worded review letting the author know that they may want to correct their efforts and repost at a later date. This warns readers of potential problems, but it also let’s the author know. Maybe they uploaded a rough draft and not a finished copy- I have seen that happen!

2- Whether I like the book or dislike it after reading it, when I write my review I make it clear how I felt. I don’t just write, “This is wonderful! I can’t wait to read more!” I let them know exactly what worked and what didn’t and (most importantly) WHY!!!

3- If I have nothing at all positive to say, I follow my mother’s rule: I choose to say nothing at all. My reviews are always honest and they let the author know exactly where they went wrong or right. This helps more than you know: who knows, your feedback could change the path of their next work.

In any case, these are tips that work for me. I hope they help you, and that they come in handy the next time you post a review. Remember, good or bad, someone worked hard on what you’re reviewing. They deserve respect for their efforts, just as you deserve respect for your opinion. If you don’t like something, remember someone else might. If you love it, someone else may hate it. Review accordingly!


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Okay, yes, maybe I’m a little obsessed…

To my fellow authors out there- are you familiar with the KDP stalk? Do you check and see how your sales are doing? Is it a crushing blow to see that someone returned your book? Do you stalk your KDP reports after someone says they downloaded, excited to see the number increase by one? Just me? Oh…. *blushes*

Yes, I fully admit all of the above are true. I have been published for 4 weeks and I am still very new. Sales are doing much better than I expected, and I will also admit to doing a (most likely scary) happy dance when I sold my first book on amazon.co.uk. Yeah baby, I’m international now!

So I logged on to stalk myself and saw the dreaded first return. *sob* *gasp* Yes, my heart broke a little, but I was determined to overcome it. I just sat down and went back to working on book 2, Bitten By Regret. I originally said when I started it a few weeks ago that I expected to publish in 3-6 months. Now I’ve tentatively pushed that up to an early May release date. The Muse is insistent and I don’t like to argue- I may find I have nothing to work with if I do!

Bad reviews? A return? No reviews at all? *shrug* Yeah, they suck, they truly do. But you know what? I’m still writing for myself first so it’s okay. At least I’ll always have one fan, even if it’s only me.


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Shrug off the Disappointment

Sounds like a great idea if not an easy one, right? But it’s very important to do this as a writer no mattter how hard it may be sometimes. As a writer you will get disappointed a lot- whether it’s a book rejection from a publishing house or a bad review from someone who has read your work.

I wrote a short story that I was absolutely proud of. I took an inanimate object and made it into something menacing and supernatural. It got rave reviews from those I let read it, and my pride grew. So I entered it in a short story contest. 6 winning entries were chosen for publication- mine was not one of them.

This is where the shrugging it off comes into play. I let myself be upset for a moment, but only one. Then I shrugged it off and published it on Amazon. Now it’s there for readers to enjoy even if it didn’t win the prize. While I was looking forward to having a contest publication to add to my biography it was okay- I tried and that was good even if the end result wasn’t what I was hoping for.

As for reviews that make you frown? Just remember that not everyone gets your writing style. One of my favorite authors has several 1-star reviews on Amazon, and I know he feels every one of those more than the 5-star ones. The message to take away is that you cannot please everyone, so instead I offer this advice: Write for yourself before all others. You may sell tons of copies or none at all. Be your own biggest fan and your harshest critic, but always write for yourself first.


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The Importance of Reviews

I joined a review community on Facebook recently to try and help a few authors out with their books. I read one that captivated me with its storyline- that is, the description did. The story itself was less than impressive. This was my first review and upon finishing the book I dreaded writing it. I gave it 3 stars and felt awful about it because even that was generous! Spotty grammar, misplaced punctuation, and a story that went from point A to point B to point Z…. wait, did I miss a few pages?

I felt so guilty even giving this review to the author, especially when I told her than sadly I felt like I had been promised fireworks, showed up and got firecrackers instead. It was a shame because the whole storyline was great!

I received an email from the author today and I absolutely dreaded opening it. Having just published my first book I know how each criticism hurts. The upside? She was happy! Until my review she didn’t notice she had accidentally uploaded her rough draft, not the final copy! Whew! All my worrying was done for nothing.

If you find yourself reading a book and you have the time to do so, please do! This helps authors know what to do more of, or less of, in the future. Or maybe, just maybe, you’ll find yourself helping someone as I did- purely by accident. Good review, so-so review, or awful, the author needs to know. I would rather receive 100 bad reviews than 3 good ones. Those bad reviews help prevent future mistakes. Future mistakes cost sales in the future. So if you’re an e-reader, pick up your device of choice and read. When you find the time, please review what you read later. It truly does help!

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