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It’s Back!!!!! Survival Instinct, Now on Amazon!

For those who’ve been wondering where it’s gone, Survival Instinct is back on Amazon. New edits, new cover, same great story! So if you missed it the first time, or you loved Survival Paranoia but didn’t know about this one, now’s the perfect time to grab your copy, and tell a friend who loves a good zombie tale! 



Nadine Chesterfield was a forensic technician when the first body sat up in the middle of an autopsy, changing the world as she knew it. She was engaged and pregnant, and her life was all she’d wished it would be. 

All that changed in the blink of an eye. The government was testing a new vaccine- a cure for the common cold- but it had deadly consequences. 

Now Nadine is on the run, not just from the creatures that were once human but from the military who want to stop her before she can tell the truth. She’ll meet other survivors along the way and learn that instinct is the only thing that can truly keep her alive.


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Reading Rainbow!!!

If you were a child, or had a child, raised between 1983 and 2006, chances are that child grew up with Reading Rainbow. LeVar Burton was the amazing man behind the show, and the host of every single episode. Reading Rainbow taught millions of children the love of reading, and I was one of them. 


“Take a look, it’s in a book… Reading Rainbow…” 

So you can imagine my happiness to learn that Reading Rainbow is making a comeback! The goal? To bring the learning to children on their favorite devices- tablets, XBox, Kindle Fire, etc. And more? To bring it to the classroom! 

Reading Rainbow has started a Kickstarter campaign to raise money. Their original goal was $1,000,000. They’ve more than tripled that, and the next goal is $5,000,000. Why $5 million dollars? With that amount, they can bring the Reading Rainbow app to all mobile devices (it’s already available for iPad!), and they’ll give Reading Rainbow to 7,500 schools…. for free! 

This is a cause I wholeheartedly believe in.. and so do thousands of others. But the word needs to reading farther. Right now they’ve reached more than $3.2 million dollars, and there’s still 30 days to go. But that’s not enough! So let’s spread the word… and the love of reading! Help us reach more… share this blog link, or the link posted below. The link below takes you right to the Kickstarter page for more information. And more… donate, donate to this cause. Every dollar helps! And check out the prizes for donating set amounts on the right-hand side of the following link. Help raise money for a wonderful cause- I did!


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Ten Truths About Writing

There are no hard-and-fast rules to writing. There is no handbook that says, “This will be the only way this will ever work.” No author is the same as any other. We may have similar writing styles, but that doesn’t make us the same, anymore than if two artists sat down to paint the same scene. They may look at the same thing, but it won’t be identical on the canvas. 

I’ve seen interview questions- what advice do you have for aspiring authors? Where do you get your inspiration? There are so many questions, and thousands of different answers. These truths may not hold true for every author. As a matter of fact, I’m certain they won’t. But these are 10 writing truths that work for me. 

1- You can’t just write a book. You have to have read books, many books, find ones you loved, ones you hated, and ones you think you could perfect if given the chance! Ones you’d change the hero the heroine ends up with, ones you’d rewrite the entire ending to, to satisfy yourself… 

2- Authors have “fan” moments, too! We have authors we aspire to be like, authors we want to write like, authors we want to meet as colleagues, and authors we hope will someday be fans of our work. I have several authors I chat with on a regular basis, and most of them I was a fan of long before I was “one of them.” It still thrills me to talk to them, and to feel “important enough” for them to talk to! 

3- We can be book hoarders, same as those who buy our books. Some of the biggest book junkies I know are other authors. I know some authors who spend the majority of their royalties buying other author’s books!

4- Editing is painful. Small edits are like being forced to perform plastic surgery on your own child. Large edits, rewriting, cutting of entire segments, or God forbid entire chapters? That’s like cutting off a frostbitten finger or toe. It’s painful, even when it’s necessary.

5- Even when you’ve written a book, you have to write more books. You can’t just write one and be done with it. The work won’t let you. YOU won’t let you, and the characters certainly won’t let you! The words will hound you, ruin your sleep, plead with you to just let them free… 

6- Lives have to be lived! No author lives the exact same life, but regardless, lives have to be lived. I have a husband and 2 children that depend on me. No matter how vital a scene feels, how much I “have to” write down right this minute, I still have to stop to do laundry, make dinner, or just spend quality time with them. 

7- There will come a story idea, and you won’t write it down. And you will lose it… and probably a part of your sanity along with it. I have notebooks everywhere. In my purse, 2 on my desk, 1 on my nightstand. But sometimes ideas come while grocery shopping and I can’t stop to write it down while I’m juggling the food budget. Or I’ll be driving and forget before I reach my destination. Or maybe I’m nearly asleep and too lazy or tired to turn on the light, write it down, and I swear I’ll remember come morning- but of course, it’s gone. No point beating yourself up over it, as other ideas will come, and maybe even better ones….

8- You’ll beat yourself up over the lost ideas anyway. It’s par for the course. That could have been THE ONE! The book that launched your name into stardom, that made your characters unforgettable… The one that you finished and said, “This is why I started writing, because someday I would write this.” Let it go! You’ll end up in a dark corner sucking your thumb and crying… channel that into writing something better. After all, maybe that idea sucked- tell yourself that, and eventually it helps. 

9- You have to live your life! This may seem like #6 again, but it isn’t. You can’t write about life if you live in a bubble. Even if you write a historical novel, you need to feel emotions, engage in conversations, interact with people to get the feel right. You need social stimulation, and to remember you’re human. 

10- You have to remember to BE human! Food is important. Coffee, nectar of the gods, is still only a liquid. You need real food. And hey, maybe it’ll trigger a scene where a character eats food, and something important happens… Bribe yourself with that to remind yourself to eat! It sucks to only remember food when it’s nearly 7 p.m. and your family is scarfing down chips because you forgot to feed yourself as well as them! 

These may not be everyone’s truth, but they are true to me. I hope they made you laugh. And from any authors reading this, which of these apply to you? Now it’s time for me to remember to be human and crawl to bed….. 


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Book Reviews: 7/10- The Good, The Bad, and the Ehhh….

Save My Soul by K.S. Haigwood- 5 stars

Redemption is often hard to come by, and this story is no exception. The difference? Redemption has a time limit of one week. Kendra should be dead- in fact, she was. If she wants to survive the week with her soul intact, she must lead her savior back to God- and that’s no easy task. A tragedy caused him to turn his back on God when he was only thirteen, and not even for love does he want to embrace faith once more.

With a lovable cast of characters- like Rhyan, Kendra’s guardian angel, and Hercules, her guard dog- I was left wanting more. The twists and turns throughout the tale kept me riveted, the story was edited and formatted beautifully, and not once was I thrown out of the reading by something that didn’t make sense. I highly recommend this tale to anyone and everyone- 5 stars.

Amazon US: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B007LB76A8/ref=cm_cr_thx_view

Amazon UK: http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B007LB76A8/ref=cm_cr_thx_view

Reapers (The Druid Breeders Trilogy #1), by Marata Eros- 4 stars

This tale was well-written. There were a few editing errors, but in general the story flowed nicely with no major problems. I won’t say I loved it, but that’s a personal preference, not any mark against the writer. I have issues with rape scenes, and these were rather explicit, but if you read the disclaimers you know that going in.

I did enjoy the storyline- a woman with a unique, much-desired blood line is sought after by two opposing signs to become a breeder- whether she wants to or not. She was a strong character, very sure of her own mind, even while clouded by lust. It becomes a matter of choosing the lesser of two evils- except she doesn’t get a choice. It’s about survival, and adaptation, and living a life far beyond what she ever dreamed it would be.

If you can get past the rape and the rest, it’s a very good tale. If you cannot handle dark erotica, I don’t recommend picking this up, but if you can, go for it. It’s a worthy read.

Amazon US: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B005MGFJ4Y/ref=cm_cr_thx_view

Amazon UK: http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B005MGFJ4Y/ref=cm_cr_thx_view

The Witching Pen (The Witching Pen Novellas), by Dianna Hardy- 4 stars

Life is hard when you love someone but cannot act on it. Elena knows she can’t- she’s in love with her roommate, he’s in love with her, but they cannot be together. Years ago her mother told her she’d lose her powers to whatever man she gave herself to, and she’s determined not to- not because she wants her power to remain her own, but simply because to she’d hate to burden someone with them. She loves Karl too much for that, and struggles to keep him at bay.

The problem? Everything she’s ever been told was a lie, and sadly it leads to unexpected and potentially deadly consequences. Nearly every character in this series is lovable in their own way, and the ones that aren’t? Well, I found myself rooting for swift justice. Bittersweet, this story left me wanting more. Lucky for me, there’s more available!

Amazon US: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B005EZHVRQ/ref=cm_cr_thx_view

Amazon UK: http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B005EZHVRQ/ref=cm_cr_thx_view

His Gift, by Gillian Colbert- 5 stars

A short, powerful tale of love, trust, and dominance. On their one year anniversary, Owen, Maurina’s Master, plans a surprise she’ll never forget. He’s determined to fulfill every fantasy, both spoken and unspoken. A blindfold awaits her, and that’s merely the beginning. He takes her through her first threesome, determined she’ll experience everything she’s ever dreamed of.

Owen is the perfect Master. He seeks happiness and comfort for his submissive, and does so very well. A strong woman during the day, when it’s playtime she can drop the dominant personality and relax into someone else’s control. The underlying theme of this tale, when all is said and done, is not dominance and submission, it’s not sex or threesomes- it’s love. That’s what I took away from this tale, and I loved it. I’ll be looking for more from this author. 18+ please as this is an adult erotic story.

***SPECIAL NOTE*** This story is free at the time of this post.

Amazon US: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0054GYBWI/ref=cm_cr_thx_view

Amazon UK: http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B0054GYBWI/ref=cm_cr_thx_view

Cowboy Moon (Lupine Moon), by Cait Lavender- 5 stars

I enjoyed this tale of two cowboys meeting their mates. While the ending was abrupt, it’s called a cliffhanger- it’s to make you want to purchase the next in the series to learn more, and for me it succeeded. I want more. Hunter pretends to be a cowboy, but he’s more than that- he’s a werewolf. And at the bar one night he meets his match- literally. Tammie is his mate, and his best friend mates with her best friend. The danger? The vamps want her, too, and a turf war breaks out. I loved the twists of a cowboy wolf going up against vamps in a territory not his own, and I intend to read more from this author.

Amazon US: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B007AWTN4K/ref=cm_cr_thx_view

Amazon UK: http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B007AWTN4K/ref=cm_cr_thx_view

All of my reviews are available on Amazon US, Amazon UK, Goodreads, and here on my blog.


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Book Reviews- The Good, The Bad, and The Ehhhh….

Trying something a little different here. I do tons of read and reviews- I aim for 5 a week, depending on the length of what I’ve read- and I always post the reviews to Amazon and Goodreads. Since I have quite a few followers on here, and I assume many of you like to read, I thought I’d post reviews here as well.

Tapestry, by Solitaire Parke- 5 stars

I love poetry, but some of what you come across may be dry, boring, or just poorly written. Not so with Tapestry. The author’s heart poured out with the poetry, and I often found myself saying, “I’ll just read one more” and then continuing. I tried hard to choose a favorite poem to spotlight, but there were just too many that pulled at something inside me and I found myself savoring each word.

This author’s work has been likened to Edgar Allen Poe and William Shakespeare, and I can see why. Classics are read to this day for a reason, and I wouldn’t be surprised to someday see this book listed with the great minds of the past. This is destined to be a classic as well. I gave this 5 stars, and it earned every one of them.

Amazon US- http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B008DJB5L8/ref=cm_cr_thx_view

Amazon UK- http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B008DJB5L8/ref=cm_cr_thx_view


Hunter’s Blood (Hunter’s Blood series) by Rue Volley- 5 stars

This story was an interesting little tease. Sex, blood, violence, death- there was nothing this tale didn’t have. At times I found myself a bit confused as it jumped from present to past and back again, but a slower read-through made the tale more clear to me. The history between the two main characters amazed and amused me, and I definitely found myself looking for more. I will be reading further in this series to find out more about all the characters- how they came to be and why. The main theme? Innocence lost. That’s what this story screamed to me. Nicely done- 5 stars.

Amazon US- http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B008BP8YVS/ref=cm_cr_thx_view

Amazon UK- http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B008BP8YVS/ref=cm_cr_thx_view


Master Jax, by Bekkah Jordan- 3 stars

This author has a way with words, but I often find myself lost in the story line- and sadly, not in a good way. The budding relationship between Kelly and her dom, Jax, often left me pondering. The main theme to this one was punishment- Kelly leaves Jax’s bed without so much as a goodbye, and that’s a big no-no. She’s to receive ten smacks with the object of his choice for her faux pas. The dilemma? She’s just been offered a co-anchor job where she’ll be reporting the news in the nude, and is afraid to lose her chance at this job because of a reddened and welted rear end.

I like my erotica with a bit more realism, and this just left me reeling, dissatisfied. Sure, it was sexy, but just not to my taste. If you don’t mind a bit of fantasy with your eroticism, then check this out. If you like more realism, this may not quite be the tale for you.An erotic story- 18+ please.

Amazon US- http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0088PBDKK/ref=cm_cr_thx_view

Amazon UK- http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B0088PBDKK/ref=cm_cr_thx_view


The Unexpected Dom #1- Jennifer’s Revenge (BDSM Erotica) by Meghan Boehners- 4 stars

Jennifer’s husband, Declan, has been treating her poorly, and he’s about to pay for his mistakes. Somewhere on the ascending path of his personal star, he decided Jennifer wasn’t enough, and she’s tired of being treated shabbily. She decides she needs a makeover- not just her appearance, but her personality. She becomes the ultimate domme, submitting him to humiliation and unfulfilled lust. Little does she know at the time of her decision that that’s exactly what he’s been seeking. Tired of being in charge at work, he seeks someone else to take control during his off-hours. Since Jennifer hadn’t been meeting that need, he turned to someone else for it. Now he has a wife that gives him what he needs, and things stand a chance to improve, if only she can overcome the years of torment and self-doubt.

A well-done story, but I could do without the humiliation dialogue. That’s a personal preference- derogatory words during sex play don’t sit well with me, and kill my mood quickly. Other than that, I enjoyed what I read and look forward to more. This is an erotic story- 18+ please.

Amazon US- http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B008A3JUPU/ref=cm_cr_thx_view

Amazon UK- http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B008A3JUPU/ref=cm_cr_thx_view


Zombie Candy (Annie Ogden Mystery 2) by Frederick Lee Brooke- 4 stars

Candace’s husband, Larry, has been treating her poorly for some time now. He’s been hiding something from her, and she finally knows what it is- he’s been having an affair. She hires her friend, Annie, to track down more information, only to find out he’s been cheating on her for a lot longer than she knew. Like, years- since before they were married. Even as far back as when she fell in love in Italy while he was still a drunken frat boy.

So she plans revenge- for starters, she works to make herself gorgeous. She goes on a crash diet to remove as much excess weight as possible. Then she, with the help of Annie and Annie’s investigator teacher, starts planning little mishaps. When he goes to cheat on her with someone, it backfires- everything from an STD scare to losing his job! He develops an unlikely friend and ally in Roberta, a pre-surgery male who wants to be a woman.

Then comes the ultimate revenge- and that’s where the author really lost me. It was great- funny, well thought out, well developed, but totally and completely unbelievable. Overall, I loved the story, but it all got a bit out of hand.

Amazon US- http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00819Q254/ref=cm_cr_thx_view

Amazon UK- http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00819Q254/ref=cm_cr_thx_view


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The Importance of Reviews

I joined a review community on Facebook recently to try and help a few authors out with their books. I read one that captivated me with its storyline- that is, the description did. The story itself was less than impressive. This was my first review and upon finishing the book I dreaded writing it. I gave it 3 stars and felt awful about it because even that was generous! Spotty grammar, misplaced punctuation, and a story that went from point A to point B to point Z…. wait, did I miss a few pages?

I felt so guilty even giving this review to the author, especially when I told her than sadly I felt like I had been promised fireworks, showed up and got firecrackers instead. It was a shame because the whole storyline was great!

I received an email from the author today and I absolutely dreaded opening it. Having just published my first book I know how each criticism hurts. The upside? She was happy! Until my review she didn’t notice she had accidentally uploaded her rough draft, not the final copy! Whew! All my worrying was done for nothing.

If you find yourself reading a book and you have the time to do so, please do! This helps authors know what to do more of, or less of, in the future. Or maybe, just maybe, you’ll find yourself helping someone as I did- purely by accident. Good review, so-so review, or awful, the author needs to know. I would rather receive 100 bad reviews than 3 good ones. Those bad reviews help prevent future mistakes. Future mistakes cost sales in the future. So if you’re an e-reader, pick up your device of choice and read. When you find the time, please review what you read later. It truly does help!

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