The Good, The Bad, and The Ehh… Book Reviews 7/23

I have nothing bad to say about what I’ve read this week. Spotlighted this week are Kinley Grey and Eva Marie Paulliere. I hope you find yourselves downloading- I’m certainly glad that I did.


Playing To Win, A Forbidden Firsts Story by Kinley Grey- 5 stars

I never thought I’d find myself reading step-sibling erotica, and I certainly never dreamed I’d enjoy it, but I loved this tale.

Carter starts off a bit prudish and inexperienced, but by the end of the weekend she’s well on her way to becoming a pro in more than one department. From her first blow-job, too her first lesbian encounter, to her first sexual act with her adoring and sexy step-sister, this book had me eager to read more. Very sexy, very hot, and very
much looking forward to more from this outstanding author! Yes, some of it was hardcore, some was a bit beyond what would be my comfort zone, but I didn’t find myself disgusted by the tale, merely interested in continuing reading. If you’re a bit squeamish, I wouldn’t pick this up, but if you enjoy well-written erotica, read away!

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The Best Breakup EVER! (My Dirty Books) by Eva Marie Paulliere- 5 stars

I received a copy of this story from the author for an unbiased review, and I’m glad I asked to read it. The short erotic tale is one of the best I’ve read in a long time. This is the second in the series, and I’ll be purchasing the first as well. There was great sex, sexual frustration, partner swapping, and lots of laughs and “facepalm” moments, and all in only a few pages. The characters were believable, and well-developed. I could see the book unfolding as I read.
I highly recommend this download to the over 18 set. I’ll be rereading in the future, in addition to downloading the first.
Two Stories (Two Stories Series) by Eva Marie Paulliere- 5 stars
I downloaded this awhile ago on one of its free days, and I finally had a chance to pick it up and read yesterday. All I can say is I’m sorry I put it off for so long!

The first story is told from the man’s perspective and I was instantly intrigued. Disillusioned, looking for love and not just a roll in the hay, he joins a dating site. He meets the woman of his dreams and get’s the brush-off. “I’ll check my schedule and get back to you” are not words you want to hear after a date. He goes on another and meets Cheryl. Funny, down to earth, she is interesting, but not the woman he wants. Until she throws the challenge flag by wanting to be friends, without benefits.

Story two is told from Cheryl’s perspective, and her story is very similar to Mark’s- but her personal story is deeper and more confusing than one would think. I found myself actually laughing out loud through much of this book (many of Mark’s comments are ones I’ve heard my husband make in reference to dating) and I spent a lot of time
nodding and agreeing with Tanya’s relationship advice.
A worthy download, and one I will reread again and again. I highly recommend this to any reader who enjoys the duel perspective of the dating scene, and what it truly means to find “The One.”

An Emotional Affair (Two Stories Series) by Eva Marie Paulliere- 5 stars
I cannot say enough good things about this series. Mark and Cheryl have gone through Hell already, but they’re settled down and playing house- sort of. Almost. They were, at least, until Richard shows up. Now, to understand the importance of Richard, you really must read Two Stories. The “real” Richard shows up, leaving Cheryl wondering if she made a mistake. Meanwhile, Mark meets Mary, his perfect woman, and wonders if he made a mistake. And that’s only the beginning!

This series is completely full of twists and turns that made me stop and wonder, “Did I read that right? How did they reach THAT point?” And I personally enjoy that. But what sticks out to me the most is the messages the book contains. Now, you may not catch them unless you’re looking for them, but they will sink in even if you’re not actively seeking them. Underneath the comedy, the tragedy, the face-palm moments of “Why would they do this?” are genuine advice for couples, or those just seeking a potential partner. You can’t go wrong reading these. I highly recommend them to everyone!


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