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The Importance of Reviews

I joined a review community on Facebook recently to try and help a few authors out with their books. I read one that captivated me with its storyline- that is, the description did. The story itself was less than impressive. This was my first review and upon finishing the book I dreaded writing it. I gave it 3 stars and felt awful about it because even that was generous! Spotty grammar, misplaced punctuation, and a story that went from point A to point B to point Z…. wait, did I miss a few pages?

I felt so guilty even giving this review to the author, especially when I told her than sadly I felt like I had been promised fireworks, showed up and got firecrackers instead. It was a shame because the whole storyline was great!

I received an email from the author today and I absolutely dreaded opening it. Having just published my first book I know how each criticism hurts. The upside? She was happy! Until my review she didn’t notice she had accidentally uploaded her rough draft, not the final copy! Whew! All my worrying was done for nothing.

If you find yourself reading a book and you have the time to do so, please do! This helps authors know what to do more of, or less of, in the future. Or maybe, just maybe, you’ll find yourself helping someone as I did- purely by accident. Good review, so-so review, or awful, the author needs to know. I would rather receive 100 bad reviews than 3 good ones. Those bad reviews help prevent future mistakes. Future mistakes cost sales in the future. So if you’re an e-reader, pick up your device of choice and read. When you find the time, please review what you read later. It truly does help!

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