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Want To Win?

Want to win one?

Yes, the cover may be different, but the story is the same inside. Now I’m giving away a signed paperback copy, and I’m finally revealing how!

Here’s all you need to do to enter. Simply send me an email! Easy, right? Send me an email to kayglassauthor (at) yahoo (dot) com and put LOVE BITE GIVEAWAY in the subject heading. The winner will be chosen at random and contacted on July 15th- the same day as the release of the third book in the Just One Bite series, Taste of Grief!

Don’t forget to send me an email, and stay tuned for more chances to win!

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Some quick updates…

Hi, all! Thought I’d update you on some happenings… For starters, I have an online store now filled with Just One Bite merchandise- 22 items so far, and half of them are customizable.


Now, to access the store, the content is marked mature. When you click the link, the left-hand side has an option that says content fliter. You must set it to off, which requires entering your birthday. Then voila! There’s all 22 items for sale, including items featuring the cover for Bite of Envy, the upcoming 4th story in the series!

Also, I’ll be back to work on Taste of Grief today. 2-3 more chapters and the story will be told. I’ll have it turned over to my beta readers by July 7th, and ready to publish July 14th. Check for listings on July 15th- it’ll be available for purchase!

I’m also looking forward to finishing another side project which I’ll give details about as soon as I’m free to talk about it.

And coming soon, the Strange Curses series! This is a tale that’s been rattling around in my fevered brain for a few weeks now, and I look forward to writing it to share with you all.

Have a wonderful day, everyone!

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Good Morning All!

I know I’ve been fairly quiet lately. Rest assured- that’s a good thing! I’ve been hard at work on Taste of Grief- third in the Just One Bite series. The book is really humming along at a nice pace at the moment. About 15,000 words so far, I’m ahead of schedule for its release. I plan to have it completed and published by July 15th.

I am also working hard on a side project for my Kendra Glenn pen name. My third erotic short story will also be completed and published by the end of July. It’s called Teach Me, My Love. A historical romance writer is about to be dropped by her publishing house unless she finds something new and exciting. with the explosion of the erotica market, she decides to try her hand at erotic fiction. The problem? She doesn’t know very much about it, so she enlists her husband’s help. He helps her with her research, strengthening her career and their marriage. Look for Teach Me, My Love by the end of July. And just to be a good sport and make up for my failure to update, here at the 2 covers for my current projects! Enjoy!

Teach Me, My Love- coming July 31st!


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After-Publishing Blues

So I finished my second novel two days ago, and I published yesterday… Now what? Do I travel the same road as I did with Love Bite? After I published my first book I started the second within a few days. I was irritable, depressed, not nearly as excited by sales as I should have been- until I started my second book. Once I started Bitten By Regret I used each of my sales to encourage me to write more, write faster, write better. I truly think Bitten came out better for it.

Then again, I do have plenty to keep me busy right now. There’s always housework, and I have family coming to stay with me in a week or so. I have a bedroom to scrub down (walls included), the walls need to be painted, and the carpet needs to be vacuumed and steam cleaned. In addition there’s a small mountain of laundry that could probably stand a good washing. Oh, and a short story that needs completing. And the third book to start on…. Yes, the list goes on and on.

So tonight I’ll wallow in the after-publishing blues. Tomorrow I’ve got quite a lot of work to do! I guess I’d better get started…


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