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Reviews of Some Wonderful Reads!

I’ve finally had a chance to catch up on my reading, and I thought I’d share some reviews with you: 18 Things by Jamie Ayres, Legasea by Krystalyn Drown, and Oz Reimagined: New Tales From the Emerald City and Beyond, edited by John Joseph Adams and Douglas Cohen. These reviews can also be found on Amazon and Goodreads. 


18 Things, by Jamie Ayres


Olga Gay Worontzoff had a crush we can all relate to. The boy next door (maybe not literally, but figuratively), the best friend, the one who you truly believe doesn’t know you exist as anything other than a friend. And is there anything worse than being placed in the “friend box?” Yes- as we learn, it’s never getting to tell your friend that you’re in love with them. It’s the death of your best friend, the person you love, and in a very real way, the death of your future- or at least the future you think you’ll have. When she takes too many painkillers to ease the emotional pain, her therapist recommends she list 18 things to accomplish. And her life turns around.

Overall, I loved the characters, but your heart is drawn more to Tammy and Nate. Tammy, the high school stereotype who we find out has more to her than meets the eye. Nate, the bad boy, the runner up the rebound who is just so tempting… You find yourself rooting for him to win her heart even as you understand her holding on to a memory of what was and the promise of what could have been.

I found myself reading the last quarter of the book through teary eyes, and by the end I was actively sobbing. This book made me laugh, it made me think, and it made me cry bittersweet tears. I cannot wait for the next installment, 18 Truths. I’ll definitely be looking for more from this author- 5 stars!


Legasea by Krystalyn Drown


Aileen has spent her life by the sea. It calls to her- but she’s not allowed to answer. Forbidden to be near the water, on the water, in the water, Aileen has never even learned to swim, in spite of an accident that nearly drowned her as a child.

But that doesn’t stop the pull- that doesn’t stop the desire to answer the call of the sea- and Jamie, the interesting boy “next door” is another lure. Watching him from her window, she longs to venture out and learn more about him.

But there’s more to Jamie’s family than what meets the eye, and maybe, just maybe, there’s more to Aileen and her family as well. Because just when you think you understand everything, you realize you understood nothing.

This was a well-written book that had me wanting more. More of Aileen and her family, more of Jamie and his family, and just more from this author in general. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for future works from this author- she writes a fascinating tale that makes you truly care about the characters. 5 stars!


Oz Reimagined: New Tales From the Emerald City and Beyond


I received this book as a perk from Klout.com and finally had a change to finish all the stories. Many of them are 5* reads (One Flew Over The Rainbow, A Tornado of Dorothys, Off To See the Emperor, The Cobbler of Oz, A Meeting In Oz, and Dorothy Dreams) that make this book a wonderful addition to my book shelf. I will reread many of these stories again and again. Some of them I didn’t care for, or would only give 2* or 3* to, but overall, I really recommend this book to anyone who loves the land of Oz.

I’d never read any of the books before- the only Oz I was familiar with was the movie version. Reading this book got me curious enough to download The Complete Wizard of Oz Collection (With Active Table of Contents) and I’m thrilled to finally have a chance to learn more about the world this book introduced me to. So for anyone who has been to Oz, and fallen in love with its crazy cast of characters, this book makes a welcome addition to the collection of tales by L. Frank Baum.


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