Book Review: TuDawgs by Eden Connor

Eden Connor, the author of this spicy read, posted the description of this book on Facebook, and it intrigued me. I wanted to know more, and I definitely wanted a copy of this hook in my hot little hands. Once I started reading, I couldn’t stop! Here’s the cover, the description that hooked me, and my review, as well as info on where to find this stunningly talented author!




Welcome to TuDawgs. Our county fair booth is now serving one very bad girl, sautéed in scandal and peppered with regrets. We grill her with relentless cops and reporters, top her with a choice, all-beef carnival worker, and slather on the heart-stopping hook-ups. Then we add a generous dollop of old flames and make the stakes mile-high. What’s that? You want a cotton-candy ending for your bad girl? That’ll cost her extra. Don’t say I spilled the secret ingredient, but the carnie’s running a rigged game.


I saw the book description posted on Facebook, and it hooked me from the start. Then I read the author’s note at the beginning, and it was all downhill from there. The next thing I knew, I’d finished the entire story in one sitting, and it was after 2 a.m.

Melody ‘Niecy’ Anderson has had it rough. Outed by the press as the mistress of the lieutenant governor, a nasty scandal brews and reporters camp out on her doorstep. Her uncle, Tulane, pays her legal fees, and asks only one thing in return: that she work at his hot dog stand at the carnival.

Humiliated, she feels she has no choice, but the last thing she wants is to be further exposed to the public eye. And yet, on her first day, she meets Carnie. He’s beyond gorgeous, and just the type of bad boy she vowed to avoid in the future. Yet in spite of all her promises to herself, she starts up a whirlwind romance with some of the hottest, steamiest scenes I’ve ever had the pleasure to read. The carnival is only in town for a week, after all, and who’s to know?

There are plot twists I never saw coming, along with some standard twists that make the story an engaging read from beginning to end. TuDawgs is a stellar story, and I certainly hope the author will be writing more stories in this series. I definitely will be downloading if she does! Highly recommended read- 5 stars.


Where to find Eden Connor:



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Why I Write…

What career are you in? I’d bet for most of you, someone has asked you why you chose that path. A doctor? “What made you choose to save lives?” A teacher? “What made you choose to teach elementary school?” And the list goes on…

I’ve been writing for more than 3 years now. True, that’s not an extremely long time, but it’s a huge deal for me, as this is, literally, my dream come to life. I’ve done blog hops, guest posts, interviews, and I’ve answered a lot of questions since publishing my first book, Love Bite, in February 2012. I’ve been asked what made me write that particular book, how I write, where my ideas come from…

And yet, it dawns on me no one has ever asked me WHY I write. No one has ever asked me why I’m an author, or what my goal is. Maybe it seems to obvious… but I don’t write for money or fame. That’s not my ultimate goal. It’s not to see my name on the NY Times bestseller list someday, although that would be amazing, of course. It’s not even just because I have to write, because I’m compelled to, because I can’t do anything else.

I have a lovely dream in my head. Someday, hopefully, there will be money. Trust me… there’s precious little of that now! *winks* My husband and I are big supporters of the military. My husband was in the Army, we have friends in the Army, Navy, National Guard, etc. We have people that matter to us who serve.

And we know those who’ve come home on medical discharge. We know someone who suffers from PTSD. And we know how very hard it is to keep them from falling through the cracks… and how many each year do so.

We also are HUGE animal lovers… and I won’t bother answering how many we, personally, have that we take care of!

My dream combines those elements. I have to hope that, someday down the road, there will be money, and we can afford to make a dream come true. In my head is a vision of a no-kill ranch, a place where people can come to find the animal that fits their household. It would be staffed entirely by veterans, those who’ve served our country and come stateside only to have nowhere to go. Staff would live on the property, earn a wage, and have a roof over their head, food in their bellies, and a job to do that would, hopefully, soothe their souls, their spirits.

THAT is why I write. Because, someday, if I’m very lucky, I will have the money to give back, the money to make that dream a reality. I write because I must, because I can’t see myself ever doing anything else, but also because I hope to do something that matters for those who’ve served.

That… that is why I write…


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Survival Paranoia is FREE through 6/29!

If you haven’t had a chance to grab the second installment in the Survival series, now’s your chance! Survival Paranoia is free through 6/29 on Amazon! 



No one believed 17-year-old Lorna Stanton when she warned them the zombie apocalypse would come. Zombies weren’t real, they told her, and they locked her away. But now she’s right, and they’re gone. It’s a fight for survival, and Lorna and her boyfriend, Jeff, have been training for this for years. 

The world as she knew it is a thing of the past, but Lorna’s prepared. Now all she’s learned, all she taught herself, is put to the test. In a bid for survival, it’s not only the undead who are a danger… and trusting the wrong person could be the last choice she’ll ever make.

While this is, indeed, the second book in the series, the beautiful thing is, the series does NOT have to be read in order. Each installment features a different main character, and each will pick up at the beginning of the apocalypse. So grab your copy today, and make sure you share with your zombie-loving friends as well! 

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It’s Back!!!!! Survival Instinct, Now on Amazon!

For those who’ve been wondering where it’s gone, Survival Instinct is back on Amazon. New edits, new cover, same great story! So if you missed it the first time, or you loved Survival Paranoia but didn’t know about this one, now’s the perfect time to grab your copy, and tell a friend who loves a good zombie tale! 



Nadine Chesterfield was a forensic technician when the first body sat up in the middle of an autopsy, changing the world as she knew it. She was engaged and pregnant, and her life was all she’d wished it would be. 

All that changed in the blink of an eye. The government was testing a new vaccine- a cure for the common cold- but it had deadly consequences. 

Now Nadine is on the run, not just from the creatures that were once human but from the military who want to stop her before she can tell the truth. She’ll meet other survivors along the way and learn that instinct is the only thing that can truly keep her alive.

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Bonfire Is Here!

For those who enjoy steamy stories for couples (or even for individuals!) Bonfire is available now on Amazon. As with most of the erotic stories I’ll be publishing, this is only 99 cents! 



Lara is reluctant to attend a birthday party, but at Nick’s urging, she goes along. Hours later, the liquor has flowed and the mood changes. A birthday party, alcohol, two couples, and endless possibilities for a night to remember… 


A short but steamy tale of two couples, friendship, and some very sexy times around a backyard bonfire. This smoking hot tale is one not to be missed, so snatch up your copy today!

US link:

UK link:

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Date Night is Here!

I’m a huge fan of erotica, and read quite a bit of it. My one dislike? Erotica with cheating spouses! All erotic stories I write are written about things I enjoy reading. That means erotica for couples. I love stories about couples, or even better, writing stories couples might enjoy together. 

With that being said, you’ll be seeing a lot of erotica from me for the next little bit. All Kendra Glenn erotic short stories will be re-released as Kay Glass erotic shorts! Almost all are 99 cents, and perfect for a quick read. And let’s face it- if you’re reading them as a couple, quick is what you want! 😉 This of course means 18 and older, please! 



Denise Lambert’s life changed a year ago when she found out she would never bear children. Driven to the brink by depression, she goes bar hopping each Friday to sate her needs before returning home to what had become an empty marriage. 

But things aren’t always what they seem, and this story takes a sexy twist that will leave you smiling… and yearning…


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Reading Rainbow!!!

If you were a child, or had a child, raised between 1983 and 2006, chances are that child grew up with Reading Rainbow. LeVar Burton was the amazing man behind the show, and the host of every single episode. Reading Rainbow taught millions of children the love of reading, and I was one of them.

“Take a look, it’s in a book… Reading Rainbow…” 

So you can imagine my happiness to learn that Reading Rainbow is making a comeback! The goal? To bring the learning to children on their favorite devices- tablets, XBox, Kindle Fire, etc. And more? To bring it to the classroom! 

Reading Rainbow has started a Kickstarter campaign to raise money. Their original goal was $1,000,000. They’ve more than tripled that, and the next goal is $5,000,000. Why $5 million dollars? With that amount, they can bring the Reading Rainbow app to all mobile devices (it’s already available for iPad!), and they’ll give Reading Rainbow to 7,500 schools…. for free! 

This is a cause I wholeheartedly believe in.. and so do thousands of others. But the word needs to reading farther. Right now they’ve reached more than $3.2 million dollars, and there’s still 30 days to go. But that’s not enough! So let’s spread the word… and the love of reading! Help us reach more… share this blog link, or the link posted below. The link below takes you right to the Kickstarter page for more information. And more… donate, donate to this cause. Every dollar helps! And check out the prizes for donating set amounts on the right-hand side of the following link. Help raise money for a wonderful cause- I did!

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