Changing My Life- One Step At A Time

I don’t often post about my personal life- I’m really not very interesting. In fact, as a housewife who buries her nose in the laptop most of the day, or spends it doing laundry, dishes, and various other tasks with an mp3 player for company, I bore myself! But I’ve been making some changes, little by little, and I’m starting, for the first time in many, many years, to feel good about being me. 

If weight loss, exercise, etc. is not your thing, I understand. It’s not been mine, mainly because I let myself down constantly. Yes, MYSELF. No one asks me to work out. No one expects me to lose weight. Hell, if you’ve ever dieted, you know how it is. No one notices those first few pounds except you. And if you bloat, or have a day without exercise, or just fall off the wagon onto a cheeseburger (as I so often do) then you’ll find you kick your own ass harder than anyone else ever could. And continue down the same path you were once on. And stay miserable. 

I had enough of it, frankly. I have asthma, which I’m often able to work through or ignore completely- until it knocks me on my saggy butt. As it did in early March when I spent nearly 2 weeks miserably ill with pneumonia. That was when I quit smoking. I didn’t choose to. I didn’t have a choice. I have 4 days where I spent so much time unconscious (as did my hubby since he was sick, too) that it terrifies me- I don’t remember taking care of my daughter. PLEASE don’t confuse that with ‘I didn’t take care of my daughter.’ I have vague flashes of cooking for her, showering her, etc. It’s just blurry. I could barely breathe, and I remember thinking that I was dying. Literally days after turning 28, I was dying. 

So it’s hardly surprising that I quit smoking. The choice was taken from me, and when I finally came back to myself, the nicotine was out of my system. And after a few weeks, I felt great. 

I started walking. First just walking the dog, who, at 13, deserves a nice, long walk at his own pace. Then I started riding my bike. First to the mail box, then the bus stop, then a lap around the park, and then two. And gradually I was able to increase everything, including my water intake. I went from drinking very little, walking around dehydrated every day to drinking almost 150 oz of water a day- more on the hot days, or when I work out like a maniac that day. 

Now I’m walking the park twice, several times a week. That’s about 2.3 miles, at least 4 days a week, in addition to 15 minutes walking the dog, and a minimum of 50 squats a day. And after a month of this, yesterday I noticed that my butt shrank. *LOL* Any woman can tell you that that is a HUGE deal if it’s been the feature you’ve hated most for years. It’s actually more than halfway to toned and in shape, and my legs are muscle once more- not flabby. 

So today I pushed myself. I put in my least favorite DVD, and my ONLY exercise DVD- Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred. Granted, I only did level one, but normally I stop maybe halfway through… usually sooner. The cardio kills me- jumping jacks, jump rope, etc. With my asthma I can only handle so much. But today I did the entire workout for the first time ever. I’ve owned this DVD for at least 5 years, and I finally did it. 

Now, I’ll ‘fess up. I fell of the cigarette wagon last weekend for personal reasons. But for someone who was a pack a day smoker to smoke 5-7 cigarettes a day isn’t bad, and I’m hopping back on the wagon Monday. I have my reasons for waiting, but I want to quit again, and for good. 

But don’t ever say you can’t get fit, please. 5 years ago I weighed 240 pounds. I’m only 5’2″, and even though I didn’t look my weight, I still looked and felt fat. Now I’m down 2 pant-sizes, and I’m feeling better. My fibro still flares, and I have days I can’t exercise at all because I’m in too much pain. But I’m proud of myself, and that’s a statement I don’t remember making in the past- not to actually mean it. Start small. I only started exercising for rewards! I downloaded the Nexercise app on my phone, and it rewards me with points I trade in toward gift cards. But I use it religiously now, and I’m almost to my second Amazon gift card. Now it’s not all about the rewards- I actively try and beat my own records. And I enjoy it, which is a huge step. 

So walk the dog for a few extra minutes each week. Put on headphones and shake your hips while you do the dishes, the laundry, or cook dinner. I do all those things, even on my bad days. Every little bit counts, and before long you’ll be proud of yourself, too. If you aren’t already! 

I want to hear from you! Do you have a success story? Do you just want to share your goals? I want to cheer you on! And if you want to add me on Nexercise, you can do so, please! 



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3 responses to “Changing My Life- One Step At A Time

  1. familyfitinc

    I look for great inspiring stories! Great job and If you need some exercise ideas I have a weekly exercise/nutrition blog. Keep up the good work! Melissa

  2. Missy

    Kay I am so proud of you!!! I know you personally and i have seen you struggle just As you have Seen me struggle thru the passed 5 years as well.
    I too had a scare last march when I thought i was dying…. barely two weeks after turning 41 i felt like i was passing out … dizzy thought i was having a heart attack or even a stroke!! I was rushed to the hospital where.. the drs could not find a thing wrong with me other then my blood pressure was slighty elevated and i was dehydrated. (Drinking tons of cocoa cola will do that too you ) I was drinking at least a 24 pack of it every few days ALONE!!!! The next day a monday i was right back in the Er because the dizziness again came over me .. I had more blood taken mri ‘s cat scans every ekg test you can think of …. again Nothing wrong they wouldnt even treat my moderatly high blood pressure.. I went home thinking i had the flu.. by the end of the week i was better. I had to force myself to eat .. i had no appitite. My husband convinced me that the Soda was kiling me and I began to drink water… (since the tap water is so gross its not a option i drink 16oz bottles of spring water.. up to 4 sometimes a day)thats sometimes 64 oz !!
    I also started working out on my wii Fit if i couldnt get out and walk or if i just couldnt force myself to go outside.. Then a few weeks after all this happened I was reading a friends post about anxiety… I clicked the link and it took me to symptoms and what not and i sat there and read all the things that had happned to me and it suddendly clicked as to what had happned to me.. I had a anixety attack !!!
    I visited my family dr and she looked at my hosptal records and talkedt o me and gave me some medications (non Habbit Forminming mind you) that i only take when i really need them which hasnt been very often thank goddness.!! I was 243 when i walked into her office that day in april 2012 and was wearing a size 26 pants !! Today I am 200 pounds and wearing a size 18 pants !! It can be done and you and i are living proof !! You are such a inspiration to a lot of pple keep up the good work !!! We love you !!!!

    • I’m super proud of you, Missy! I love seeing your new pics. You look amazing, but the happiness is what makes you shine. Confidence is sexy, and I see it in your pics now! 😀

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