Okay, So I’m Gifted….

I must admit, I have not gotten as much writing done as I’ve wanted to. When I near the end of a book you usually have to physically remove me from my laptop to get me to take a break. I write until my eyes water, I’m making so many errors that I’m hitting delete after every other word, and then I still keep writing until my brain and hands scream ENOUGH.

But see, I’m gifted… I got up the other night, managed to catch my toe on the coffee table, and ripped the toenail off my big toe. Yes, I’m a writer… No, I couldn’t make this crap up if I tried. So instead of writing, I’ve been laying around under the influence of pain pills- which doesn’t make for good writing. I should know- I’ve tried.

I’m holding off on the pain medication today because I need to write. It’s an itch, I must scratch. I feel an actual compulsion to write, and I intend to spend my day doing so. Now, if I can keep my daughter and my dog from stepping on my toe, I’ll be able to stay off of the meds today and spend my time working on Taste of Grief and another little side project that needs my time. Not to mention an editing job I have on the side, and marketing- always marketing.

Life is never dull here- but I could use a little dull. Happy writing to all the writers out there today, and happy reading to all the readers!


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