Back To The Drawing Board

Yesterday was mostly a day off for me, spending the majority of it marketing Love Bite for its final free promotion. I was stunned by the overwhelming response. 1094 downloaded in the US, 184 in the UK, and 10 in Germany. Very exciting!

I managed to get another 700+ words written for my short story in the works, and I did a little editing to the beginning of my third book in the Just One Bite series. I have another project in the works at the moment that I’ll be very excited to share once it gets underway.

I’m falling into a new routine here at home. The morning is my goof-off time. I play around on Facebook, check on all my author pages, provide updates as needed, and enjoy my much-needed coffee. Afternoon finds me writing something. I switch back and forth from project to project depending on what I feel the urge to work on that day. Evening is reserved for housework, making dinner for the family, and some reading, TV watching, or XBox gaming. Late night/ early morning finds me writing some more. it’s a hectic schedule, and it’s highly flexible as I often need to fit in my children’s needs and errand running. When I finally collapse into bed, around 3 a.m. or so, I can fall asleep knowing I got a lot accomplished during the day. For me, it’s a win-win.


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