Love Bite

For those interested in my work, Here is the prologue for my first novel in the Just One Bite series. Love Bite is available for only $3.99 for Kindle readers on Amazon.


Diandra Malone was glad to be home. The Caribbean cruise was wonderful, and she’d enjoyed the two weeks of alone time with her husband, Jonah, but she’d missed Delaware. Their Cape Cod- influenced home in Bethany Beach never looked more inviting, she thought as she sipped her coffee and gazed out the sliding glass doors. Those doors led to a large rear deck with stairs descending directly to the beach. She stood in this spot every morning for the last nine years, drinking her coffee and watching the sun rise over the water.

She turned her back on the amazing view and watched her husband wandering the kitchen aimlessly, no doubt trying to find his keys- again. He puffed casually on a cigarette while he circled the island in the kitchen for the fourth time. She often told him those things would kill him someday, but he insisted he’d quit when he was ready. Apparently today was not the day. He finally picked up the keys from where they lay on the counter next to the toaster, a spot he’d walked past five times before and not seen them. Now, if she could just get him out of the house she could confirm what she already knew and talk to him about it when he returned.

“Are you sure you don’t mind if I head to the store?” Jonah asked her for the hundredth time. “I’m nearly out of cigarettes and we need gas in the car as well. “ He ran his fingers through his dark blond hair, his puppy- dog brown eyes finally focusing on his wife now that the mystery of the disappearing car keys was solved. She wondered, not for the first time, how this man was a well-decorated cop, constantly sought out during working hours and off time, and lose everything he touched while at home.

Diandra eyed her husband, looking relaxed in his casual autumn outfit of faded jeans and dark brown sweater. The jeans fit his trim waist and toned buttocks perfectly, worn clean through to white patches at the knees and the right rear pocket. The faded pocket bulged now as it always did when his custom- made leather wallet was in it. His slightly muscular upper body looked a little more defined in the form- fitting thick sweater, giving the appearance of more pectoral muscle mass than was actually present. Diandra pulled herself back into the conversation and blushed when she realized Jonah had watched her devour him with her eyes.

“My dear,” said Jonah, “you know what happens when you look at me like that!” He wiggled his eyebrows up and down in the way that always made her giggle.

Grinning quite foolishly, Diandra pushed him towards the front door. She leaned in and gave him a lingering kiss goodbye. “I know exactly what happens- we spent the majority of our vacation doing just that! Now you just go and get your cigarettes and I’ll give you a reason to light one up when you get back!”

“I’ll hold you to that,” Jonah leered as he gave her rump a pat on the way out the door. Her happy squeal was still in his ears as he got into their gold Lexus and drove off, whistling tunelessly to some song only he could hear.

Diandra went smiling into the bathroom, little white and pink box in her hands. She was nervous, as she always was when she took a pregnancy test. So many tests over the years, so many negative results. So much time she wasted crying when her time of the month came around and her period showed up on time. Finally, nine years to the day from when they were married, she knew that little plus sign would pop up in the results window. She’d known for a little while now, but had held off on purchasing yet another test until she was sure. At long last, she was finally sure.

Diandra was proud of herself, though. She’d made it through the vacation and the flight home without telling Jonah about the possible pregnancy. He always rose before her and made use of the time by going down to the hotel pool to swim before she woke. She got up each morning, gave in to the inevitable morning sickness, and was dressed and ready for the day before he came back upstairs. She brushed her teeth, rinsed multiple times with mouthwash, and added a little more blusher than usual to cover any lingering paleness. The hotshot detective was completely oblivious to what was going on under his nose, she thought smugly.

Diandra opened the box and peed on the stick inside, then set the timer on her watch for three minutes. She looked at herself in the full- length mirror on the back of the bathroom door as she waited for the results of the pregnancy test. Although her favorite lavender nightgown perfectly complimented her coloring and complexion she was disappointed by what she saw, as she always was when she forced herself to confront her reflection. She knew her face was pretty enough but she was also overweight. Diandra wore a size 20, although she often bought a 22 to hide a bit behind the extra material. She hated her weight, and must have tried every diet and exercise plan on the market, all to no avail. The only thing she managed to do was add more weight to the scale when she gained muscle mass. Sadly, this did not lead to purchasing smaller clothing sizes.

Diandra did, however, love her unique lilac- colored eyes. Growing up she was often accused of wearing colored contacts, and the Department of Motor Vehicles insisted on listing her eye color as blue on her driver’s license, but her eyes were naturally a light purple that brought to mind Easter eggs. She was also supremely proud of her full, thick head of auburn hair. On a sunny day it shone like pennies wrapped in flames, and people complimented her frequently on both its color and thickness. To calm her nerves she ran a brush through the strands until they were soft and wavy. This always soothed her when she was nervous or upset, and it did the trick this time as well.

Taking a deep breath she set down her purple paddle-style hairbrush and walked towards the counter. As Diandra picked up the stick to read the test results, Jonah left the convenience store- and soon after, he lost his life.


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