After-Publishing Blues

So I finished my second novel two days ago, and I published yesterday… Now what? Do I travel the same road as I did with Love Bite? After I published my first book I started the second within a few days. I was irritable, depressed, not nearly as excited by sales as I should have been- until I started my second book. Once I started Bitten By Regret I used each of my sales to encourage me to write more, write faster, write better. I truly think Bitten came out better for it.

Then again, I do have plenty to keep me busy right now. There’s always housework, and I have family coming to stay with me in a week or so. I have a bedroom to scrub down (walls included), the walls need to be painted, and the carpet needs to be vacuumed and steam cleaned. In addition there’s a small mountain of laundry that could probably stand a good washing. Oh, and a short story that needs completing. And the third book to start on…. Yes, the list goes on and on.

So tonight I’ll wallow in the after-publishing blues. Tomorrow I’ve got quite a lot of work to do! I guess I’d better get started…



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2 responses to “After-Publishing Blues

  1. Come on, treat yourself to a little break – you’ve worked so hard! But having a break doesn’t mean you can’t cook up some new storylines in your mind while you chill 🙂

    • I definitely could use a break! I do intend to try and start work in the next 2 weeks or so on the 3rd book. I still don’t know how I want it to go, and I have to contact a friend of mine for some background info on a new character I intend to add to the storyline. I also have this publishing company that’s been after me to submit something to them- I’ll see if I can get something together to them. Right now my first 2 books are part of KDP Select so I cannot submit them elsewhere.

      My life is definitely hectic, and sometimes I may wish for it to be otherwise, but I much prefer hectic to dull.

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