Dangerous Distractions

This is a lesson I’ve had to deal with these last few days and I wanted to share.

I posted on my Facebook page on Friday that although I was taking the weekend off from writing, I had 2, maybe 3, more chapters before Bitten By Regret would be finished. I worked like a fiend last week and the writing flowed out of me like it never has before.

It pained me, oh boy did it ever, but I packed up the laptop and took the weekend off to spend the holiday with some of my family. We had a wonderful weekend, and I desperately looked forward to completing the book Monday. I could do it- I knew I would. After all, the only thing I wanted the whole weekend was to finish.

Fast forward to Monday: we’re back home and the animals TRASHED the house while we were gone. Oh, and I’d been stuck to my laptop the week before so I was behind in the laundry, too. So Monday morning here I was- instead of working to finish the book I got 3 loads of laundry done, vacuumed my home, and spent hours steam-cleaning. Oh, and there was dishes to be done, and the pets needed taking care of. I also hadn’t grocery shopped yet, and I had to put dinner together. Before I knew it I was exhausted, the day was over, and I hadn’t written a word. *sigh*

So now it’s Tuesday and I’m revved up. I will finish the book today! But then the phone rang and my family needs help. Then I had to get a room cleaned up so some of my family can stay with us a bit. Then we got some bad news about another member of the family. The phone rang nonstop, and I spent the day cleaning once again. The day ended with me angry and near tears because the house still looked a wreck after all the cleaning I did. And I barely got any writing done. *sighs harder*

So today I say this: the ringer on my phone will be off. Phone? What phone? I’ll return calls when I come up for air, but Bitten By Regret WILL get finished today. My sanity depends on it!



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4 responses to “Dangerous Distractions

  1. I have similar problems. It always seems that I’m in the best mood to write, right when I have to go do something else that needs to be done. Go figure.

    • That’s it exactly! I’m a housewife, and I have a 4-yr-old who isn’t in school yet. I’m also insane as we have a house full of animals who are constantly getting into something and leaving ruin in their wake. I try hard to ignore the mess but when you’re surrounded by it you don’t have much choice sometimes but to clean it up and move on. By the time I get time to write I’m generally frustrated and no longer in the mood. Knock on wood, today is a good day and I will finish my book. 😉

  2. Did you finish the book?

    I try to get into work a little early so I can at least try to write something before I start work. Once the boss turns up, there’s little time for writing unfortunately!

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