Okay, yes, maybe I’m a little obsessed…

To my fellow authors out there- are you familiar with the KDP stalk? Do you check and see how your sales are doing? Is it a crushing blow to see that someone returned your book? Do you stalk your KDP reports after someone says they downloaded, excited to see the number increase by one? Just me? Oh…. *blushes*

Yes, I fully admit all of the above are true. I have been published for 4 weeks and I am still very new. Sales are doing much better than I expected, and I will also admit to doing a (most likely scary) happy dance when I sold my first book on amazon.co.uk. Yeah baby, I’m international now!

So I logged on to stalk myself and saw the dreaded first return. *sob* *gasp* Yes, my heart broke a little, but I was determined to overcome it. I just sat down and went back to working on book 2, Bitten By Regret. I originally said when I started it a few weeks ago that I expected to publish in 3-6 months. Now I’ve tentatively pushed that up to an early May release date. The Muse is insistent and I don’t like to argue- I may find I have nothing to work with if I do!

Bad reviews? A return? No reviews at all? *shrug* Yeah, they suck, they truly do. But you know what? I’m still writing for myself first so it’s okay. At least I’ll always have one fan, even if it’s only me.



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3 responses to “Okay, yes, maybe I’m a little obsessed…

  1. Thank you, Sam! Yes, a little bit of negative feedback is a good thing but there is a line. I personally haven’t had (yet) the negative feedback some authors have had- the nasty, the rude, the hateful comments. THOSE are not healthy negatives. I know the day will come but for now I’m thankful I haven’t had those yet.

  2. Don’t you worry – the people who don’t like your writings will, I’m certain, be rare. And the the people who leave hurtful comments… Well, jealousy of someone else’s talents can bring out the worst in some people. Pay no attention!

    • Thank you, Nicola! So far the comments aren’t bad but one of my favorite indie authors was devastated the other night to get two 1-star reviews in a row with such nasty comments as “not worth wasting Kindle space” and “worst thing I’ve ever read- this author sucks.” Really? If it’s not constructive criticism then there is no reason to be so hateful about it. I’ll keep trucking on- if nothing else I’m having fun. 🙂

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