Busy bee!

My cover for Bitten By Regret, book 2 in the Just One Bite series.

I know I’ve been fairly quiet these last few days but I claimed some time for myself. I spent the weekend reading Plague of Coins and The Forgotten Eden by my current favorite author and friend, Aiden James. I have always loved writing but it was nice to take a weekend and fall back in love with reading again since there never seems to be enough time for it.

I happily return to work today with some new ideas for my Just One Bite series. Book 2, titled Bitten By Regret is nearing the halfway point and I look forward to being on the other half of the series by the end of the week- probably another 5000-10,000 words of so.

I have a tentative cover design for it and I love it so far. Now to use the cover as motivation to get this book written, and hopefully ready to be published in May.


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