Marketing And Writing

Sadly this post is not advice-oriented. This is an example of trying to balance your time and still get your goals accomplished. I spent all day yesterday advertising Love Bite and Table of Blood to try and drum up some new readers. No easy feat

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The books are as different as night is from day. While both are supernatural in nature, Table of Blood is a short story and Love Bite is a vampire novel that’s going to be part of a series. The main characters are a lesbian couple and there are some graphic love scenes. In TOB, the story follows a girl from childhood to adulthood and there are no sex scenes at all.

This means advertising in different areas and wording each advertisement differently. This also means there is no time to work on the second book in the series or the new short story I’m also writing.

So how do you balance your priorities? I’m still seeking the answer to that myself. The way I do it is spend 4-6 days a week working on my novel or the new short story. I accomplish as much as I can (usually 500-800 words a day, although occasionally I manage to get 1500-2000 written) and then I take one day a week strictly for marketing. I also try to squeeze in at least 1 blog every other day if I can find anything to write about that day.

In addition I’m a stay-at-home mom with a 4-year-old who hasn’t started school yet. This means everything I accomplish in that week has to be divided up around her needs. My days are full and I work really hard but the pay-off will be worth it, and I’m not only talking about sales. I feel accomplished, useful. Maybe a little scattered and hectic but each day is worthwhile. I challenge myself daily to get some large project done- I encourage everyone to do the same. Challenge yourself to accomplish something today, and again tomorrow!



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  1. It is so hard to get a good balance. I love to read, but then I feel I should also be writing. And then I feel I should also be working. Then there’s family to look after… remind me when we get to sleep?!
    I have found the way that seems to work for me is to write at least 200 words a day and then I don’t feel bad for doing a bit of reading/surfing/researching when I have a moment. It’s keeping the writing regular that is important for me – not writing flat out for one day and then not touching the novel/script whatever for a week or two, by which time I’ve forgotten what I was talking about. I like to use the online website ‘my writing spot’ to write as I can log in to that everywhere I go (and you can also get it as an app for iPad etc if you wish – it will sync with anything you write on another computer at the click of a button), and I use ‘Drop Box’ to save everything as I can access that too on any computer I happen to be lurking on – so you don’t need to carry memory sticks about or wish you had a copy of your novel to hand but – oh dear – it’s only on your home pc. All these little things help. And eventually, a finished novel/script appears and I can breathe a little sigh of happiness…

    Keep going!

    • What a fantastic tip! I am guilty of the memory stick deal- I actually have a carrying case for them that I keep in my purse (to keep away from children and puppies who don’t respect boundaries). I also carry a journal for jotting down anything that may come to me while I’m out and about. It’s a hassle and my purse is heavy but at least I feel accomplished.

      Sleep? I’m sorry, what’s that? Isn’t there a law against that for writers? Or maybe a commandment- Thou shall not sleep. I feel good today- I’ve written nearly 1500 words bringing me up to almost 14000 and I’m still nowhere near the halfway point for the still unnamed book 2. I may be sleep deprived but at least people cannot say I don’t do anything with my life!

      • I had a nightmare with memory sticks and trying to remember which back up was the most recent. At least with Dropbox, you can save it all in one place and there’s no need to dot from PC to PC in search of the latest draft (of course, not that I was EVER so disorganised… insert guilty face here). But then… I suppose you can never have too many backups!

        I saved up for an iPad as a big treat for myself recently, because I was just the same, with journals and notepads and lists and goodness knows what – my bag was ridiculously heavy. I love paper, but technology saves a lot of shoulder aches for me.

      • I definitely am not at a point where I could afford one of them! I was excited to get my new laptop at tax time this year but I dream of owning an iPad one day. Are they worth the investment? I don’t know anyone personally who owns one and since you’re in the same field I am you know how it’ll be used- does it stand up to the hype?

        Right now I do carry my laptop, journal and memory cards if I’m going to be away from the house for more than a few hours. If we stay the night at my in-laws they all come with me! I get a lot of writing done there while trying to get my children to sleep so it’s worth carrying.

        Thanks so much for the feedback, Nicola!

      • I suppose it depends how you’re going to use it and how you prefer to work. If you decide to ditch the memory sticks, journal and laptop and entrust your livelihood to the wonders of iPad then it’s worth it (it will mean you can buy a smaller hand bag too!). I live off my iPad – diary, writing, notes etc. If I’m going to do a lot of typing then I also have a little wireless keyboard (as I still like to have proper keys to bash) that’s easily transportable and nice to type on that I use in connection with the iPad (I know, I know, some might say you may as well have a laptop in that case, but I love my iPad – the novelty hasn’t worn off yet!).

        I’m not sure what deals you might come across in America for iPads, but I wonder if your mobile phone companies might do some kind of deal? Might be worth a look if you fancy getting one? Although you will have to hide it from the kids!

        I promise I don’t work for Apple either 🙂

      • 🙂 The thought never crossed my mind! There are lots of knock-off iPads on the market but I do believe this is one case where the original may be better than the “generic” so to speak. It’s definitely worth considering once money allows that big of an investment. And I like the idea of the keypad- I just don’t do well without the clacking of keys as I type. 🙂 Thanks very much for the feedback, Nicola!

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