Good Morning to the World!

Hello all! Since I posted the blog “Graphic Scenes- To Add or Not To Add?” I’ve done an awful lot of soul searching. I’ve come to a few conclusions.

Although to some I went too far on my adult scenes in Love Bite to others I could have done more, or I could have ditched them altogether. The way I view it, after a long conversation with a good friend yesterday, is that I actually fell somewhere in the middle. I can back up from here and be less graphic in the future. I could go full steam ahead and actually add more to future books.

What I have decided to do is this- the same thing I did in the first! Write what my characters are screaming at me to write. If it’s a softer scene that comes to mind I’ll write it that way. If it’s more graphic than the first then that is write I’ll write. I’ll research, I’ll learn more, and I’ll do the scenes better, whether they are more explicit or less.

My book will be written the way it cries out to be written. If I try to censor myself in even one small way I may find myself unable to move forward from that point. I’ve worked too hard to get to where I am to stop now.

So for better or worse, the second book in the Just One Bite series will write itself the same way the first did- just hopefully better. Thanks for your responses. Feedback makes it easier to make a decision, especially when it is such a hard choice! Keep reading, loves, because I will keep writing.


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