More About My Life

My house is a mad house. There’s yelling and screaming almost all the time- usually at the pets. The puppies have a fondness for soda and coffee and if you turn your back on either they will knock it over (usually into my purse, on my cell phone, or on my Kindle) and then slurp it up. Fun times….

I also have 2 children, as I’ve mentioned. So yeah, you can count on some additional yelling when they lie, throw things, scream things like, “I hate you!” at the top of their lungs…

So how do I get any writing accomplished? First of all, I’ve already mentioned my headphones. They have saved my sanity more than once. I put them on, pick a CD or mp3 to listen to, set it on repeat and tune life out. For me, I find it better to listen to only one CD or mp3 album a day, otherwise I get distracted by the change of tunes and artists.

Second trick? Afternoons when the weather is nice and evenings just after bedtime are my prime writing times. If the weather is nice, the kids can go play leaving me free to write to my heart’s content. After bedtime? I’ll write until I’m too tired. Usually about the time I hit to delete button too frequently because I’m making tons of typos. If it weren’t for the typos (signaling overwhelming exhaustion) I’d probably write all night long.

Errands, pets, and housework may seem overwhelming to me at times but I still make time to write. Not because of profits (although they make me proud), not because of my followers and readers (although they motivate me to keep on truckin’ along), but simply because when I write I find my happiness. No matter how lousy my day is, no matter how miserable I may be, once I sit down and lose myself in the fiction my mood lifts. I write for every reader out there, but I always start by writing for myself first.


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