How to Write from Home and Stay Sane

Sounds like a great idea, right? Well, I must admit this is a work in progress! I can share a few tips with you that work for me, but everyone must develop their own system.

1- Make sure your children have something that will keep them occupied. This cuts down on the number of times you’ll hear them complain about… well, everything.

2- Turn the ringer off! If you absolutely must keep it on, turn the volume down!!!

3- Invest in headphones! I like to keep music playing to tune out the everyday distractions. I would have gotten a single thing written were it not for my headphones (and my daughter’s headphones, after mine were eaten my a puppy).

4- Take a break when you need a break, otherwise you’re going to find yourself screaming at random people. Wait, that’s just me? Oh…

I have 2 children (one who is not in school yet) so I find myself losing my mind throughout the day trying to deal with her needs, housework, the pets, and of course there’s always errands. If you’re able, set aside all your errands and household tasks to be completed on one day, not spread throughout the week. This gives you a solid day’s break from the work, but it enable you to sink into your writing without the distractions later. Above all, figure out what works for you and get writing!


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